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17-12-2018 - monday

The Creatures - Believe In Yourself
12inch Full Time: FTM201808 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-10-2018 - monday

02-10-2018 - tuesday

Electric Mind - Can We Go

Electric Mind

Can We Go

New remastered versions of the original italo electro anthem Can We Go

EP Full Time: FTM201805 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

14-06-2018 - thursday

29-05-2018 - tuesday

09-02-2018 - friday

Maurice McGee - Do I Do

Maurice McGee

Do I Do

Remastered and hand numbered re-release of this 1983 Italo classic. Pressed on white vinyl!

12inch Full Time: FTM2017-03 remind

16-09-2011 - friday

Rainbow Team - A Song For You

Rainbow Team

A Song For You

Nice early 80-ies Italo boogie in the style of Chic, Sister Sledge etc. more...

LP Full Time: FTM 31707 remind

09-06-2011 - thursday

Selection  - Ride The Beam


Ride The Beam

Great italian disco which sounds like a Larry Levan Garage classic... early 1983 production leaning very strong to US productions of that period on We... more...

12inch Full Time: ftm31515 remind

DFX - Relax Your Body


Relax Your Body

''Relax Your Body'' is a killer slice of narcotic, mid-tempo Italian heaviness from way back in the late 80's.

12inch Full Time: FTM31634 remind