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18-10-2021 - monday

Banana Moon - Delphinium Blue

Banana Moon

Delphinium Blue

Number nine of Funnuvojere's catalogue is signed by label founder Massimiliano Pagliara, and comes as a collaboration with CockTail d'Amore resident a... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV009 € 10,99

10-05-2021 - monday

Clarinets - Invisible Path


Invisible Path

Boasting a catalogue of distinctive music Funnuvojere turned two this year. Its eight release comes from Clarinets the new alias of Tbilisi based Gach... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV008 € 9,99

26-10-2020 - monday

Reformed Society - Cosmic Perspective

Reformed Society

Cosmic Perspective

Harsh Puri, aka Reformed Society, is not new to the club scene. Since 2015 the London based artist has been releasing numerous records for various lab... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV007 € 9,99

29-06-2020 - monday

Goodbye Mirage - Minority Resist

Goodbye Mirage

Minority Resist

Funnuvojere's latest instalment, Minority Resist, comes from Czech Republic and it's signed by Martin Ku?ka under his moniker Goodbye Mirage. Marti... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV006 € 9,99

28-04-2020 - tuesday

Armonics - Starlight Keeper


Starlight Keeper

Number five of Funnuvojere's catalogue comes directly from the depth of the Bari (Italy) province. It is written and produced by Francesco Strippoli a... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV005 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-12-2019 - monday

Derek Neal  - Reason Machine

Derek Neal

Reason Machine

Derek Neal is a Turin based producer born in Vermont (USA). He started his DJ'in career as an undergraduate student at his college radio station and s... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV004 € 9,99

24-06-2019 - monday

Rotciv - Awakening



Rotciv is the Brasilian born, Berlin based man behind Mister Mistery records. This prolific producer has been out there for quite a long time and you... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV003 € 9,99

25-03-2019 - monday

Jules Etienne - Biscotte

Jules Etienne


Jules Etienne, formerly known as J.E.E.P. is an imaginative multi-instrumentalist. The french artist has been collaborating different times with label... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV002 € 9,99

21-01-2019 - monday

James Booth - Bath Time

James Booth

Bath Time

Funnuvojere is the new imprint founded by Massimiliano Pagliara. Now marking his third album release, after countless remixes and EPs, the Panorama Ba... more...

12inch Funnuvojere Records: FV001 € 9,99