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Fall From Grace

Pomegranate Skies is a new album from Sepehr exploring sonic themes of heaven and hell, dualities, split identities, and chaos. The music in this albu... more...

2LP GARMO: GARM07 remind



Hngwy is a Scottish producer known for his unique blend of IDM, jungle and bass music with constant nods to his dub, techno and ambient influences. Hi... more...

12inch GARMO: GARM05 € 14,99

Priori presents RED


RED is a project by Francis Latreille aka Priori. It showcases a darker, more chaotic, and rugged sound. Whereas a lot of Piori's work investigates th... more...

2LP GARMO: GARM04 € 25,99


Swallowed by a Snake

Words by the label: Swallowed by a sweltering pulse reaching in or out and arching away again.

12inch GARMO: GARM03 € 13,99

Priori presents RED


Nodes emerge across vast distances, linked without ever touching, feeling what they cannot see. With RED, Priori finds order amid a fluttering chaos o... more...

12inch GARMO: GARM02 remind


Dilution Effect

Entering into a new year, Priori and Ex-Terrestrial announce the birth of a techno-focused sub-label, Garmo. Launching on 6th March, the pair come tog... more...

12inch GARMO: GARM01 remind