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16-12-2019 - monday

N.M.O. - Nuova Musica Ostinata


Nuova Musica Ostinata

This new Ep follows the N.M.O. heritage of merging acoustic drums with synthetic sounds in their self-called Military Space Music, as heard on past re... more...

12inch Gang Of Ducks: GODREC0022 € 14,49

26-07-2018 - thursday

XIII - Eocity



The ep comes in 300 copies packed in hand burnt sleeves on the front and a silkscreen print on the back. Eocity is the result of a study on technologi... more...

12inch Gang Of Ducks: GODREC0019 € 12,99

03-07-2015 - friday

Ital - Toxic Work Environment


Toxic Work Environment

''Toxic Work Environment is the new EP from NYC's Ital. Following last year's stunning Endgame, T.W.E. expands on that album's dark precision and oozi... more...

EP Gang Of Ducks: GOD013 € 15,99
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