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21-09-2022 - wednesday

Various Artists - Triangle's Peak

Various Artists

Triangle's Peak

Gated's second compilation takes inspiration from the path less travelled, the earthen underbelly that binds disparate threads to its wonky centre.So... more...

2x12inch Gated: GTDLP5 € 25,99

The Jaffa Kid - Second Frequencies

The Jaffa Kid

Second Frequencies

The Jaffa Kid's prolific music-making is well known at this point, with a wide-ranging palette that takes in the full range of electronic genres, from... more...

12inch Gated: GTD019 € 14,49

13-06-2022 - monday

Lucita Octans - Roseoryx

Lucita Octans


We could tell you how this debut album from Lucita Octans is influenced by the full spectrum of electronica, with an unique palette of genre-busting s... more...

LP Gated: GTDLP4 € 19,99

08-04-2022 - friday

Marcela Dias Sindaco - Beijo Eletrico

Marcela Dias Sindaco

Beijo Eletrico

Marcela Dias Sindaco's fresh explorations between heads-down club stompers, electrofunk, Prince, and Brazilian samba via GATED. more...

12inch Gated: GTD018 remind

16-02-2022 - wednesday

Lloyd Stellar - Esoteric Enterprise

Lloyd Stellar

Esoteric Enterprise

This is one-strobe-in-a-dark-room electro, which rides the fine line that exists somewhere between euphoria and madness. more...

12inch Gated: GTD017 € 14,99

DimDJ - Acid Tracks
12inch Gated: GTD016 € 12,99

21-09-2021 - tuesday

Guavid - Orion



Mysterious Guavid drops a swirling and sublime electro EP on GATED following on from their release on Analogical Force

12inch Gated: GTD015 remind

11-06-2021 - friday

Perseus Traxx - The Telesterion

Perseus Traxx

The Telesterion

Northern powerhouse Perseus Traxx is on spaced out form with this four-tracker celebrating ancient Greek mysticism. Basslines as deep as sunken treasu... more...

12inch Gated: GTD014 € 12,99

22-04-2021 - thursday

Not Even Noticed - Muted Noises
12inch Gated: GTD013 remind

29-10-2020 - thursday

12-10-2020 - monday

Various Artists - In the Key of G

Various Artists

In the Key of G

If you’re looking for the middle ground, you’ve come to the right place. Gated’s first compilation gathers those tracks that sit somewhere in the midd... more...

2LP Gated: GTD-LP2 remind

24-09-2020 - thursday

UF0 - I'm Lost EP


I'm Lost EP

GATED return with UF0 leading 009. IDM sprinkles and braindance influences guaranteed to make you smile. more...

12inch Gated: GTD009 € 12,99

Mazzo - Gentle Winds


Gentle Winds

Like a warm breeze drifting in over the sea to a white isle, Mazzo's six-track EP has summer written all over it. more...

12inch Gated: GTD010 remind

13-08-2020 - thursday

14-04-2020 - tuesday

Krokakai / Liovaro - Split EP

Krokakai / Liovaro

Split EP

The first split EP on Gated takes in some tough acid house from Glasgow-based brutalizer Krokakai and some old-school breaks from the ever-eclectic Li... more...

12inch Gated: GTD007 € 12,99

09-07-2019 - tuesday

Sound Synthesis - Xjenza Eletronika EP

Sound Synthesis

Xjenza Eletronika EP

For the second release on new electronica label Gated, Maltese musician Sound Synthesis takes you on an emotive electro journey. more...

12inch Gated: GTD002 remind