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11-10-2021 - monday

Mike Parker - Reduction / Spiral Snare

Mike Parker

Reduction / Spiral Snare

Mike Parker delivers two heavy cuts from his personal archives; 'Reduction', taken from the 2001 'Dispatches' album, never released on vinyl before wi... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH23 remind

08-07-2019 - monday

Mike Parker - Voiceprint 2019

Mike Parker

Voiceprint 2019

Mike Parkers Geophone label celebrates the 20th anniversary of Voiceprint. A keystone release in the rich Geophone history. Produced 20 years ago and... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH04-2019 remind

26-04-2017 - wednesday

Mike Parker - Night Calling

Mike Parker

Night Calling

the Geophone label has been Mike Parker’s most personal musical project. This time, Parker offers a solo 10” EP with two tracks of immersive and hypn... more...

10inch Geophone: GPH022 remind

16-09-2014 - tuesday

Various Artists - 21

Various Artists


Geophone returns with a four track various artists EP curated by the label boss Mike Parker. The A side begins with new artist Eastern Renaissance, w... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH021 remind

Mike Parker - 20

Mike Parker


Mike Parker roars back with the 20th release of his own Geophone label. The A side Full Moon in Winter is an acidic monster created with a TB-303. T... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH020 remind

Various artists - 19

Various artists


Geophone presents a very special various artists Ep including contributions ofDonato Dozzy, Neel, Mike Parker, Stanislav Tolkachev and Shifted. The... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH019 remind

Mike Parker - 18

Mike Parker


Mike Parker is back with 3 massive abstract acidic tracks on Geophone. The A side opens up with Mike's Autumn Remix of ''Give Yourself Up 2 Techno''... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH018 remind

Mike Parker - 17

Mike Parker


Mike Parker is back with a new addition to his unique Geophone label. GPH17 contains 4 tracks that will burn up rooms with sizzling analogue freque... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH017 remind

Mike Parker - 16

Mike Parker


Fresh off of his stunning debut on Prologue, Mike Parker returns with 4 tracks of acidic mind melting techno on Geophone. Strictly vinyl and uncomprom... more...

12inch Geophone: GPH016 remind

Mike Parker - 14

Mike Parker


Phat industrial rawer techno tracks for dark sweaty basements.

12inch Geophone: GPH014 remind