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26-09-2023 - tuesday

Rambal Cochet

Matrix Convoy (Remotif Remix)

After his well received Unknown Pharmacy EP Rambal Cochet is back on Griffé almost a year later to the day with his ''Matrix Convoy'' EP! Once again t... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF012 € 14,99

Mechanical Wizards

Our beloved is next on Griffé with his Mechanical Wizards EP. Argentinian producer & DJ, Barcelona based is the co-founder of the 22Rec... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF013 remind

06-05-2023 - saturday


Lay Back EP

After his Portgas D.Ace EP released in 2021 Vafa is back on Griffé with a new stunning piece of music. Produced by the ocean during his stay in Portug... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF011 remind

09-01-2023 - monday


Void Gardens EP

Griffé is hyped to announce the return of P.O! A dark & melancholic technoish vibe filled with 80’s new wave sounds, breaks & spooky pessimistic vocal... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF009 remind

13-06-2022 - monday

Rambal Cochet

Unknown Pharmacy

For its eighth release Griffe welcomes Rambal Cochet aka Volta Cab. The prolific electronic producer has been on the circuit for more than ten years a... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF008 € 12,49

31-03-2022 - thursday


Destination Unknown

Purring acids, spacey synths in tandem with rhythmic breakbeats and electro patterns followed by convincing tech-house arrays — the musical palette of... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF007 remind

22-07-2021 - thursday


Portgas D.Ace

Griffé is back in 2021 with a fresh release from Vafa. For his very first solo EP on vinyl, this young producer from Marseille demonstrates his abilit... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF005 remind


Deoxyribose EP

For our last release of 2023 we’re thrilled to welcome Moisk! Duo composed of Alex Pletnev and Logeshen Moorgan aka Fourmi Rouz, during recent year... more...

12inch Griffe: GRFF014 remind