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16-11-2020 - monday

Headless Horseman - Inhabited Shadows

Headless Horseman

Inhabited Shadows

Inhabited Shadows” is the new album by pioneering, Berlin-based techno artist Headless Horseman. This is his most daring and emotional release to date... more...

2x12inch Headless Horseman: HDL009 € 23,99
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12-11-2020 - thursday

Headless Horseman - HDL008

Headless Horseman


Nighttime approached in the Hollow and as the hue of the sky shifted to dark, another dreary state of slumber commenced. The raven, ever so gallantly... more...

12inch Headless Horseman: HDL008 € 11,99

11-11-2015 - wednesday

07-03-2015 - saturday

Headless Horseman - HDL006

Headless Horseman


The result of somebody that is suffering from severe dementia.

12inch Headless Horseman: HDL006 remind

05-08-2014 - tuesday

23-01-2014 - thursday

Headless Horseman - HDL004

Headless Horseman


The remains of the Horsemans severed head are no where to be found so he has returned to Sleepy Hollow for vengeance. In Execution you can hear his s... more...

12inch Headless Horseman: HDL004 remind

18-10-2013 - friday

Headless Horseman - HDL003

Headless Horseman


On his third time out, the horseman has decided to take some time to himself and rethink all of the suffering that he has caused. After his never endi... more...

12inch Headless Horseman: HDL003 remind

31-05-2013 - friday

Headless Horseman - HDL002

Headless Horseman


If you look into the night sky you can see a shadow of the Headless Horseman and his steel. This time around he has taken Perc prisoner in the Graveya... more...

12inch Headless Horseman: HDL002 € 9,49

08-02-2013 - friday

Headless Horseman - HDL001

Headless Horseman


The Headless Horseman is coming after you with a freshly sharpened sword. He will take no prisoners. His true identity has never been revealed but his... more...

12inch Headless Horseman: HDL001 remind