Label: Horizontal ground - All

06-06-2017 - tuesday

13-05-2015 - wednesday

KGIV - Horizontal Ground 19


Horizontal Ground 19

Heavy collaboration by Israel Vines and Kit Geary on this banging EP for Horizontal Ground. Manipulated breakbeats mixed with straight techno. Include... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG019 remind

09-02-2015 - monday

30-10-2014 - thursday

SNTS - Horizontal Ground 18


Horizontal Ground 18

Ace submarine techno by SNTS!

12inch Horizontal ground: HG018 remind

04-12-2013 - wednesday

#.  - Ep
12inch Horizontal ground: HG015 remind

05-09-2013 - thursday

28-11-2012 - wednesday

Skirt - Bitten By The Black Dog


Bitten By The Black Dog

Skirt feat: Black Dog remix of Collider! Big broken beat techno piece with massive strings on the a and stripped down techno on the B1. Finnishing wit... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG013 remind

03-10-2012 - wednesday

Samuel Kerridge - Auris Interna

Samuel Kerridge

Auris Interna

Samuel Kerridge is a new kid on the HG/FB Bloc, delivering a more experimental dubby techno sound again something different from the boys at FB. Thi... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG012 remind

Bethany Skirt - Horizontal Ground 10

Bethany Skirt

Horizontal Ground 10

Advanced techno tracks from New Yorks Bethany Skirt, including a great remix by a certain mr. T++, using a new pseudonym name to confuse us all appare... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG010 € 9,99

AnD - 009



Strong dubby influenced tracks on the reliable Horizontal Grounds label. Nice drone as bonus cut on the b2. check!

12inch Horizontal ground: HG009 remind

Shifted - Reach



Fresh after his solid release on Luke Slaters Mote Evolver Shifted comes with more raw hypnotic techno tracks on the new Syndrome label (related to F... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: SZ02 remind

Szare - 49.557, 19.041


49.557, 19.041

Adventurous techno tracks with the basic and functional approach like all of the HG releases

12inch Horizontal ground: HG008 € 8,49

Szare / Alex Coulton  - Mandaleeve / Baraki

Szare / Alex Coulton

Mandaleeve / Baraki

New label from Horizontal Ground recording Artists 'Szare' (HG02 / HG04) with techno and house tools.

12inch Horizontal ground: SZ01 € 8,49

Horizontal Ground - 005

Horizontal Ground


Heavy techno hitters!! Check out that B-side with its dubby groove, and sexy and tight percussion. A-side is a classic basement techno style track th... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG005 remind

Horizontal Ground - 004

Horizontal Ground


Phat basic basement techno tools, the a side should do well with people who are into the 2562 / a made up sound. Tip!

12inch Horizontal ground: HG004 remind

Horizontal Ground - 003

Horizontal Ground


Traditional minimal stripped techno tracks. Think Robert Hood, DBX and the likes... done with a nice modern twist. Tip

12inch Horizontal ground: HG003 remind

Horizontal Ground  - 002

Horizontal Ground


Darker minimal techno tools with minimal info on the label.Tracks made to rock the dark basements. Strong one!

12inch Horizontal ground: HG002 € 7,99

Horizontal Ground - 001

Horizontal Ground


Crispy and haunting dry techno tools from the Frozen Border guys. Another no-nonsens release with no further info and fancy designs.. just some proper... more...

12inch Horizontal ground: HG001 remind