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09-11-2021 - tuesday

Wave Particle Singularity

Quantum Seduction EP

Wave Particle Singularity debuts on Hot Haus Recs with 3 super deep slammin Houz kuts - introspective-laboratory-glitch-house the best it’s ever gonna... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: HOTHAUS059 € 11,69

19-07-2021 - monday

Paris Brightledge & Marlon Hoffstadt

Forgive You

Hot Haus is coming into 2017 all guns blazing!! Straight off the back of Mall Grab’s Pool Party EP comes a collab from Paranoids London’s Paris Bright... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit031 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Jetfoil EP

Dublin area rapid trax from Dart on Hot Haus Recs In Effekt! Previously spotted on Shall Not Fade s Basement series and turning heads with his brillia... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: HOTHAUS057 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-04-2021 - monday


Rhythm Division EP

DJ Haus wraps up a busy 2020 with 2 glitch-house bombs created on his recent Data Dump Generator sample bank plug in. Backed with a tekkers-houz-deepe... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: HOTHAUS054 € 6,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

05-02-2019 - tuesday

Cosmic Garden

Rhythm of Life EP

Italy’s Cosmic Garden debut on Hot Haus Recs with a mini album of lush-atmospheric-house jams. Produced and conceived in the southern city Bari, home... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit044 remind

20-07-2018 - friday

DJ Jacy


Jacy Bozzi Italian DJ, composer and arranger. He is the founder of Home Of House Records. Deeply devoted to the Old School Sound (88-94) of classic It... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit034 remind

01-06-2018 - friday



Four solid House jams on the steady Hot Haus Records label including a Kornél Kovács Remix).

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit040 remind

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit039 € 11,99

13-04-2018 - friday

The Analogue Cops

Racoon City EP

The Analogue Cops aka a.k.a. Lucretio and Marieu - debut on Hot Haus Recs with 5 tape saturated thumping house trax guaranteed to get the party starte... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit038 € 11,99

05-03-2018 - monday


Life In The Cloud EP

Rumore debuts on Hot Haus Recs with 6 low lung house jackers, super deep breakbeat houz 4 the headz! more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit036 € 14,99

DJ Steaw

Heaven EP

DJ Steaw returns to Hot Haus with 3 low slung deep house jackers for the club!

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit037 remind

17-02-2017 - friday

DJ Steaw

DJ Steaw - Frogman EP

Strictly Ltd Vinyl Only business from Hot Haus. Fresh off the back of his blockbuster on MLIU, DJ Steaw comes correct dropping 3 super deep houz jams... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit028 remind

12-12-2016 - monday

DJ Octopus

Hong Kong EP

DJ Octopus returns to Hot Haus Recs with 3 trademark Jackin Jersey Houz Jamzzzzz!

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit029 € 11,99

30-09-2016 - friday

Steve Murphy

Blood Cake 909

Slighlty distorted power house with a touch of italo.

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit026 remind

Mall Grab

I Just Wanna

Mall grab returns to UTTU with 3 stripped back house jackers on Hot Haus Recs!

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit027 remind

Mall Grab

Pool Party

Mall Grab returns to Hot Haus dropping 3 of his most sought after jams to date. Currently tearing up clubs worldwide Pool Party Music is a snapshot of... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit030 remind

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit032 remind

Steve Murphy

Man In The Box EP

3 wicked pumpin' House 'n Techno tracks, comes with a DJ Octopus remix.

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit033 remind

22-04-2016 - friday

11-02-2016 - thursday

Anil Aras

Dance MF

After debuting on Bicep's essential mix last year Dance MF finally gets release via Hot Haus Recs In Effekt. DJs don’t sleep, backed withb UKG jacker... more...

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit024 remind

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit019 remind

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit021 remind

Seaside Houz Boyz

Surfing On Ice Cream

Legowelt regurgitates his Seaside Houz Boys deep houz project dropping 4 tracks of low slung surfer noiz houz jackers.

12inch Hot Haus Recs: Hotshit020 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L