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17-05-2019 - friday

Bonka - Cement Block EP


Cement Block EP

From the artist: ''pootek'' - Paul (Solpara) and I laid down the majority of this track one November night in Berlin. We lived in the same dorm in uni... more...

12inch Inta: INTA004 € 11,99

22-03-2018 - thursday

Sector Y - CS_TMS

Sector Y


INTA impart the third layer to their catalogue with a visit from both from, and to Sector Y. Following 2016's Booma Collective outing, Sector Y the ar... more...

12inch Inta: INTA003 € 9,49

30-01-2017 - monday

QST - 36811



Frans de Waard (born 1965) has been producing music since 1984. First as Kapotte Muziek (a group that fully concentrates on recycling through musique... more...

12inch Inta: INTA002 € 10,49

10-05-2016 - tuesday

Patrik Sjeren - Himpa / Hole

Patrik Sjeren

Himpa / Hole

Inta launches with two hardstep broken techno rumblers from Patrik Sjeren, who has appeared previously on FIT, Virgo Rising and Fuck Pig Recordings.

12inch Inta: INTA001 € 12,49