Label: Inter-fered - All

Electronome - Untitled



Follow up of No Landscape, and again great analogue electro, the best around. Featuring Een Drum Computer En Een Synthesizer II.

12inch Inter-fered: Interr-Fered Communications HM 1202 remind

Electronome - No Landscape


No Landscape

Raw electro tracks, various from hard to old style electro, last repress!! Featuring Een Drumcomputer & Een Synthesizer. MUST HAVE!

12inch Inter-fered: Interr-Ference Communications HM 1203 remind

Funkstorung - Sinus



The first serious record of Funkstorung. 6 Cool experimental tracks. Blue print for their later work.

12inch Inter-fered: Interr-Fered Communications HM 1205 remind

PSS 2099 - So-Nax 072

PSS 2099

So-Nax 072

10'' by Marco Passarani, AFX influenced tracks. From hard to beautiful. Dope!

10inch Inter-fered: Interr-Fered Communications HM 1204 remind