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11-12-2023 - monday

19-06-2023 - monday


Acid Series Vol 6

This is the final dose of Pervocet. Pervocet is the brand name of the psychedelic music project from Patrick Russell and Jasen Loveland and is used to... more...

EP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT051 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-03-2023 - monday


Anevite Void

For Erika's second album "Anevite Void", she explores her live process as it permeates everything she does, including documenting the process of life... more...

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT050 € 28,99

10-10-2022 - monday


Star Crossed (Derek Plaslaiko remix)

Driving electro tracks by Detroit Grand Pubahs and UR member Bileebob. Comes with a solid acid infused Derek Plaslaiko remix. "Bileebob was living... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT049 € 13,49

07-06-2022 - tuesday

Andy Toth


Fierce interdimensional acid tracks on the latest outing from the I.T. HQ in Detroit!! Andy Toth casts a long shadow in the Detroit scene, from being... more...

EP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT048 remind

13-12-2021 - monday

Adam Arthur

Television Sky

Adam Arthur is the kind of character you just couldn't make up. I first met him while he was dancing in front of me while I played at No Way Back, bac... more...

EP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT045 € 10,99

25-05-2021 - tuesday

Israel Vines

And Now We Know Nothing Remixed

The remix record for Israel Vines' ''And Now We Know Nothing'' debut album, featuring Regis & Simon Shreeve doing a burning hot take as CUB, BMG & Eri... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT047 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

07-12-2020 - monday

Israel Vines

And Now We Know Nothing

Debut album from Israel Vines on Interdimensional Transmissions, a futuristic fusion of UK bass, post-jungle breakbeats and techno with the rhythmic f... more...

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT046 remind

14-02-2020 - friday

Eris Drew

Fluids of Emotion

This is the debut solo release from Eris Drew, featuring 3 new songs meticulously mixed for the maximum impact of the Motherbeat. From the very beginn... more...

EP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT044 € 12,99

21-10-2019 - monday


Acid Series Vol. 5

Deep tripping acid tracks on the new Interdimensional Transmissions. Pervocet is the brand name of the psychedelic music project from Patrick Russell... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT043 € 10,99


Stark EP

Essential electro-techno classic. This is the second record from Ectomorph and second record for the label Interdimensional Transmissions, from 1995.... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT002re € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

27-12-2018 - thursday


Subsonic Vibrations

The debut record from Ectomorph that launched it all, the project, and the label Interdimensional Transmissions in 1995. This is the first time it has... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT001 € 13,49

13-11-2018 - tuesday



Ectomorph occupy a unique and strange place within Detroit Techno history. Founded in 1994 as an inspired reaction to DBX, Basic Channel, Rob Hood, Sä... more...

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT042 remind

28-05-2018 - monday

Jordan Zawideh

Acid Series Vol. 3

The Acid Series celebrates over 10 years of No Way Back, with music that directly references that experience. This is the third volume in the series,... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT040 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

BMG & Derek Plaslaiko

Acid Series Vol. 4

The Acid Series celebrates over 10 years of No Way Back, with music that directly references that experience. This is the fourth volume in the series,... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT041 € 10,99

30-06-2017 - friday

Justin Cudmore

Acid Series Vol. 2

Justin Cudmore is the latest in the line of midwesterners to emerge from the Brooklyn music scene, hailing originally from Illinois. And you can hear... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT039 € 10,99

15-06-2017 - thursday

Jasen Loveland

Acid Series Vol. 1

Earlier this year this realm lost a great visionary in the form of Jasen Loveland aka Andrew Smith aka infinity. He was the embodiment of the spirit o... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT038 € 13,99

05-10-2016 - wednesday

Alpha 606

Afro-Cuban Electronics

Alpha 606 is Hialeah born, Miami dwelling Armando Martinez, who offers an intoxicating concoction in the form of his unique take on electro. more...

LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT036X remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-03-2016 - thursday

Alpha 606

Alpha 606 RMXD

Alpha 606 on IT with a visionary remix from Anthony “Shake” Shakir. A secret dance floor anthem that works in almost any context from BMG and a beau... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT034 € 9,99


From The Land Of Rape & Honey (The Suppressed Tapes) 1995 - 2005

Jamal Moss (aka I.B.M. - Insane Black Man) is a lost warrior of sonic truth. Digging through shoe boxes of cassettes, video tapes, and mini discs, we... more...

2x12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT035 € 24,99


Hexagon Cloud RMXD 2.0

Donato Dozzy, Isreal Vines, Outer Space (Emeralds) & Patrick Russel delivering their interpretations... celebrating even more of the diverse influence... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT032 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Hexagon Cloud

While 'Hexagon Cloud' may be Erika's debut solo release, this is by no means her introduction to the scene. For years Erika has been a member of Detro... more...

2LP Interdimensional Transmissions: IT030 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L


Hexagon Cloud RMXD

Hexagon Cloud RMXD celebrates the diverse influences of Erika's solo release Hexagon Cloud on Interdimensional Transmissions Marcellus Pittman remixed... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT031 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

BMG and Derek Plaslaiko

Is Your Mother Home

Ectomorph's BMG join forces with another huge character in the scene, this time Detroit's Derek Plaslaiko.. killer and highly danceable Detroit style... more...

12inch Interdimensional Transmissions: IT029 remind