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John Daly - Solitaire / Back It Up

John Daly

Solitaire / Back It Up

Nice deep floating techno tracks with some references to Detroit. check!

12inch International Records: IRR001 remind

Dj Koze - Let's Love

Dj Koze

Let's Love

Stefan Kozalla aka DJ Koze comes up with two - as usual - outstanding first-class tracks. “Let’s Love” produces the title’s promising feeling with nic... more...

12inch International Records: IRR002 remind

Ada - Forty Winks


Forty Winks

After the previous big release on IRR its difficult to continue the quality on the same level. But Ada brings a excellent piece of old schoolish chca... more...

12inch International Records: IRR003 remind

Buari - Disco Soccer


Disco Soccer

This is some crazy Afro-disco business from 1977 by a Ghanian drummer / singer / dancer. His records are well sought-after. On the sleeve notes he wri... more...

LP International Records: M2337LP remind

Rene Breitbarth - Circle Circus

Rene Breitbarth

Circle Circus

Great advanced modern techno tracks! Especially the slower paced a-side is a real killer tune with a funking bassline and raw percussion. IRR is slowl... more...

12inch International Records: IRR004 remind

John Daly - Aurora

John Daly


IRR is slowly becoming one of our favorite labels with always tasteful effective modern dance tracks ranging somewhere between Chicago inpired house a... more...

12inch International Records: IRR005 remind

Benjamin Brunn - My Heart

Benjamin Brunn

My Heart

Benjamin knows how to let his synthesizers tell us little alternative House stories. Including a Ada mix.

12inch International Records: IRR006 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Metope - Defender



Deeper clean house tracks with tight production by co-founder of IRR.

12inch International Records: IRR007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Matt Karmil - Reverse Peephole

Matt Karmil

Reverse Peephole

When IRR track hound Ada goes sniffing around the corners in Cologne, she means business. One can imagine her happy panting when she learned that she... more...

12inch International Records: IRR015 remind