Label: Its - All

23-11-2016 - wednesday

RVDS - Shadows



RVDS second album, a musical journey with different musical impacts. more...

3LP Its: ITS014 € 29,99
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06-11-2015 - friday

09-10-2014 - thursday

RVDS - Space Ep


Space Ep

The 'Space Ep', starts with three rhythm tracks, a tribute to the Roland machines 808, 606, 727. Each sleeve with an unique handmade artwork.

12inch Its: ITS012 remind

09-02-2013 - saturday

RVDS - Arabian Moon


Arabian Moon

Analogue sounding acid injected tracks by RVDS.

12inch Its: ITS010 remind

09-05-2012 - wednesday

Rvds - Lunar Eclipse


Lunar Eclipse

Rvds' fascination for both the moon and Roland's tb-303 continues with Lunar Eclipse..

12inch Its: ITS009 € 9,99
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15-02-2012 - wednesday

Felix Kubin - Txrf

Felix Kubin


otal Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF)* is a method used to analyze the surfaces of materials by firing extremely flat X-rays. Subsequently, the ph... more...

2LP Its: Its008 remind