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28-02-2022 - monday

Hermeth - This Is Hardcore


This Is Hardcore

Big vinyl debut for Geneve based Hermeth at Berlin's Jupiter4 imprint. A side showcase Hermeth's acid breakbeat trademark while B side goes to new and... more...

12inch Jupiter4: JPT011 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

30-08-2021 - monday

Dagga  - Inert Hologram


Inert Hologram

After release at International Chrome and Steel City Dance, emerging Electro talent Dagga make his debut vinyl release at Berlin's Jupiter4. Stomping... more...

12inch Jupiter4: JPT010 € 11,99

25-03-2021 - thursday

DJ Akoza - DOG U OUT

DJ Akoza


After Edge of reality from DVLVCRVZ, Jupiter4 continue the Texas-Berlin connection signing DJ Akoza, owner of legendary DOOMSHOP records and known for... more...

12inch Jupiter4: JPT009 € 10,99

18-11-2020 - wednesday

DVLVCRVZ - Edge Of Reality


Edge Of Reality

Experimental Memphis and Trap inspired beats from DVLVCRVZ. Features vocals from Doomshop's Stonedogg and Lunatic. more...

12inch Jupiter4: JPT008 remind

13-08-2020 - thursday

DJ Wachita China - Modular Ghost System EP

DJ Wachita China

Modular Ghost System EP

For their 7th release Berlin's Jupiter4 enlist mysterious DJ Wachita China, who question everything and goes from Electro, to Hip Hop, Jungle and Tran... more...

12inch Jupiter4: JPT007 € 10,99

09-09-2019 - monday

DJ LOUI - SQ80 System EP


SQ80 System EP

DJ LOUI brings another original record with tons of breaks and techno. A remix from Carl Finlow completes the soundtrack.

12inch Jupiter4: JPT005 remind

10-05-2019 - friday

Vin Sol - 808 Tele Funk EP

Vin Sol

808 Tele Funk EP

New Jupiter4 release with Vin Sol in the mix. Strap in for hard-hitting drums, shiny leads and a big set of fills.

12inch Jupiter4: JPT004 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

DJ Akoza - War Outside

DJ Akoza

War Outside

Trap/DnB classic cuts with a bold and intense Rave remix from Jensen Interceptor and another Bass infused version from Hermeth. more...

12inch Jupiter4: JPT012 remind