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29-05-2020 - friday

Rampa - Sunday EP


Sunday EP

It's been a while since Rampa aimed for collective affection, providing ''The Touch''. His current ''Sunday'' EP, counting as the Keinemusik catalogue... more...

12inch Keinemusik: KM045 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

13-07-2018 - friday

Adam Port - Do You Still Think of Me?

Adam Port

Do You Still Think of Me?

New two-tracker showcasing what’s going on these days in Adam Port’s sphere of interest.

12inch Keinemusik: KM044 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

19-07-2017 - wednesday

&Me - Avalon EP


Avalon EP

2 Bigroom bangers from Keine Musik's &Me.

12inch Keinemusik: Keine037 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

18-05-2017 - thursday

Adam Port - Ganesha Song

Adam Port

Ganesha Song

Highly effective club tracks by Berliner Adam Port on Keinemusik.

12inch Keinemusik: Keine036 remind

16-10-2012 - tuesday

David Mayer - Celcius

David Mayer


Deep tight and well produced modern house tracks by KeineMusik! Sharp clean production with slowly building trippy tracks. Check!!

12inch Keinemusik: KM016 remind

Various Artists - Workparty Three

Various Artists

Workparty Three

Third Various artists installment on Keine Musik with strong modern club tracks by Adam Port, &Me, Rampa & Hollis P Monroe and David Mayer. Check!

12inch Keinemusik: KM015 remind

&Me - Purple Rain


Purple Rain

Effective modern club tools on Keinemusik.

12inch Keinemusik: KM012 € 8,99

Various Artists - Workparty Two
12inch Keinemusik: Keine010 € 10,99

Various Artists - Workparty One

Various Artists

Workparty One

Keinemusik with some of the hottest modern club tools around. Rampa, &Me already delivered the goods before and do so this time. Two other fresh names... more...

12inch Keinemusik: Keine005 remind

Adam Port - Chemistry (Till Von Sein remix)

Adam Port

Chemistry (Till Von Sein remix)

Adam Port with a highly effectibe modern club stormer. Comes with remixes of Till von Sein and Catz N Dogz.

12inch Keinemusik: Keine004 remind

& me - F.I.R. / +++

& me

F.I.R. / +++

A new breed of labels and producers is popping up with some solid and effective tracks. Here another one.. & me with a double a-side house release. Es... more...

12inch Keinemusik: Keine002 remind

Rampa - Wife & Man


Wife & Man

Sharp modern dj tools with hype breaks and tight basslines.

12inch Keinemusik: Keine003 remind