Label: Key Vinyl - All

16-12-2021 - thursday

KSEL - Kontrast



Debut of the Swedish duo KSEL (Kim Stockblom + Elias Landberg ''Skudge''). A proper techno trip from another planet!

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY026 remind

01-10-2021 - friday

Benales - Klystron



4 tracks, 4 techno tools... simply fire for the dance-floor. Benales is back on KEY Vinyl!

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY025 € 10,99

09-06-2021 - wednesday

Ctrls - Kunstner
12inch Key Vinyl: KEY024 € 10,99

10-03-2021 - wednesday

Troy - Kindled Flame


Kindled Flame

Fourth solo EP for the Dutch artist Troy, first time on KEY Vinyl. Intelligent and fast techno... no compromise.

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY023 € 11,49

03-12-2020 - thursday

Aiken - Kognitive



The solid Spanish producer is back. He presents three tracks with his unique style that is clean and repetitive.

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY021 € 11,49

David Lohlein - Keen Eyes

David Lohlein

Keen Eyes

Nowadays when you talk about the new generation of techno producers and especially when you talk about ''groove''... well, the name David Lohlein come... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY022 remind

15-10-2020 - thursday

Eric Fetcher - Krell lab pt.I

Eric Fetcher

Krell lab pt.I

First part of this conceptual double EP by Eric Fetcher. ''Krell lab'' is a full journey into a deep interpretation of the evergreen basic of techno b... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY020A € 11,49

Eric Fetcher - Krell lab pt.2

Eric Fetcher

Krell lab pt.2

Second part of this conceptual double EP by Eric Fetcher. ''Krell lab'' is a full journey into a deep interpretation of the evergreen basic of techno... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY020B remind

14-02-2020 - friday

Freddy K - 1995

Freddy K


''1995'' is a reissue of three tracks extracted from the Album ''Rage Of Age'', released in 1995 on the famous record label ACV Records. The CD versio... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEYLTD003 € 11,49

09-01-2020 - thursday

Vela Uniform - Kratos

Vela Uniform


Fresh, dark, stealthy Techno EP incl. killer Blawan collabo

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY015 remind

07-11-2019 - thursday

Ausgang - Output Remixes


Output Remixes

Berlin's legends like Marcel Dettmann, Substance aka DJ Pete and Fiedel join forces to remix the acclaimed Ausgang album, ''Output'', out on KEY Vinyl... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEYLP002RMX remind

17-06-2019 - monday

Moving Thoughts - Kwantum

Moving Thoughts


This EP represents in full effect the evolution of the solid duo from Utrecht. Four tracks where they show their roots and their influences, that defi... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY012 remind

Splice - Kobold



Splice is the a.k.a. of Elias Landberg from Skudge. The fact that he released already on Skudge, Arsenik and Non Series... is a perfect picture of his... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY013 remind

01-04-2019 - monday

Ausgang - Output



In the last years the Berlin-based duo Ausgang got attention in the worldwide techno scene through releases on their own label Ausgang Records. Nico a... more...

2x12inch Key Vinyl: KEYLP002RP remind

30-11-2018 - friday

Various Artists - Kinky Kicks

Various Artists

Kinky Kicks

Elad (aka Elad Magdasi) debuts the ''Rainbow'' special spot series with a diverse meditation on drum machine mania. Opening the full spectrum of funda... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEYRAINBOW001 remind

Echelon (Jeroen Search) - Key

Echelon (Jeroen Search)


Echelon (aka Jeroen Search) will present a deep mood-driven entry point to ovular subterranean techno.

12inch Key Vinyl: KEY010 remind

12-07-2018 - thursday

Stephno - Steel



In the LEATHER, STEEL & FIST series. The project is composed by three releases In details: first release LEATHER, second STEEL and third FIST. A diff... more...

12inch Key Vinyl: KEYLSF2 € 10,49

16-06-2018 - saturday

PVS - Bipolar Crowd


Bipolar Crowd

PVS is an artist who is known for his solid productions on his own label H.omevvork (just to remind you of his masterpiece of four years 'fuckin' soci... more...

2x12inch Key Vinyl: KEYLP001 € 19,99

14-09-2015 - monday