Label: Lapsus Perennial Series - All

29-11-2023 - wednesday


wipE'out'' - The Zero Gravity

Back in the 1990s video games were still largely seen as nerdy: fun, sure, but basically a guilty pleasure that you'd soon grow out of. The release in... more...

2xCD Lapsus Perennial Series: LPS-PS14CD € 20,99

17-11-2023 - friday


wipE'out'' - The Zero Gravity

Big release!! Soundtrack release of the epic '95 PlayStation game "WipE out", including remixes by Kode9, U-Ziq, Brainwaltzera, Simo Cell, Wordcolour,... more...

3LP Lapsus Perennial Series: LPS-PS14 € 39,99

31-07-2023 - monday



Originally released in 2005, ''Tryshasla'' is the second ''Perennial'' series release and was the second studio album by Dutch producer Secede. This... more...

2LP Lapsus Perennial Series: LPS-PS02 € 26,89

10-07-2023 - monday


Snowboarding in Argentina (25th Anniversary Edition)

Dance music has always been grounded in a sense of place. Chicago, Detroit, London, Berlin--a zip code can tell you as much about the music as the yea... more...

3LP Lapsus Perennial Series: LPS-PS13 € 34,99

05-05-2023 - friday

Abfahrt Hinwil

Links Berge Rechts Seen (Deluxe Edition)

From its creation in the late 90s until its closure in 2009, the Toytronic label witnessed a digital revolution that transformed the record industry,... more...

2LP Lapsus Perennial Series: LPS-PS05 € 28,99

20-12-2022 - tuesday

Vector Lovers

Capsule For One (Special Edition)

Beautiful seductive modern electronix alert!!! Vector Lovers has remained a firm favourite of the underground electronic music scene and holds a covet... more...

2LP Lapsus Perennial Series: LPS-PS12 € 28,99


Slow Motion Process (20th Anniversary Edition)

In 2019 Lapsus were extremely honoured to present the only album to date from IDM duo Abfahrt Hinwil, released for the first time on vinyl. Abfahrt Hi... more...

2x12inch Lapsus Perennial Series: LPSPS09 remind