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27-07-2018 - friday

Object Blue - REX

Object Blue


Object Blue delivers some super captivating techno-electro collisions on her long awaited REX EP, out through Let's Go Swimming.

12inch Lets Go Swimming: LGS008 € 11,99

29-03-2018 - thursday

No Moon - LGS07

No Moon


Let’s Go Swimming present LGS007 by Manchesters No Moon - a loving tribute to his late angel fish John.

12inch Lets Go Swimming: LGS007 remind

21-11-2016 - monday

William Earl - Young In The Tropic

William Earl

Young In The Tropic

Let's Go Swimming return with a 3 track EP from one of their very own, William Earl. A1 'Young In The Tropic' sets the mood deep in the jungle. A thic... more...

12inch Lets Go Swimming: LGS003 remind

12-09-2016 - monday

Doppelate - Wash It Out


Wash It Out

For the second release on Let’s Go Swimming the label have brought in south London's Doppelate, who delivers four beautifully balanced house jams.

12inch Lets Go Swimming: LGS002 remind

24-06-2016 - friday

Mack Ness - Inter-Present

Mack Ness


Let’s Go Swimming announce their first release from Mack Ness. ‘Inter-Present’ is a lucid excursion into the more melodic, playful realms of house mus... more...

12inch Lets Go Swimming: LGS001 remind