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15-05-2023 - monday


Pulse EP

On ''Pulse EP'', Pev delivers on his reputation for inventive, sharply-focused club music with four lean, focused club tracks across the tempo range a... more...

EP Livity Sound: LIVITY060 remind

06-03-2023 - monday


Patterns EP

Kouslin returns to Livity Sound with a second collection of slippery club tracks with an emphasis on head-twisting sound design and a detailed line in... more...

EP Livity Sound: LIVITY059 € 18,99

10-11-2022 - thursday

DJ Plead

Quick EP

Livity Sound is pleased to welcome back Sydney’s DJ Plead for a second round of versatile, psychedelic club variations. Since debuting around 2018 Ple... more...

EP Livity Sound: LIVITY057 € 18,99

19-09-2022 - monday


Cosmos EP

Seb Uncles, aka Eusebeia, his sound has often tilted towards drum & bass and jungle, although he places atmosphere and composition ahead of genre boun... more...

EP Livity Sound: LIVITY055 € 18,99

09-08-2022 - tuesday

Ido Plumes

Balancing EP

Plumes is back on Livity Sound with four tracks of experimental dance music for soundsystems. Plumes established his sound with pointillist drums and... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY054 € 14,99

30-05-2022 - monday

Azu Tiwaline & Al Wootton

Alandazu EP

The four tracks on LIVITY052 deal in a variety of rhythms and tempos. Azu and Al's refined, detailed approach blurs the lines between electronic sound... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY052 remind

Toma Kami

Amapicante EP

The French producer continues to explore a hybrid style which favors fractured beats, playful samples and occasional psychedelic flourishes.

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY053 € 14,99

23-03-2022 - wednesday

Hodge & Simo Cell

Drums From The West EP

The first collaboration from long-time label mainstays Hodge and Simo Cell is true to the styles the artists have individually marked out since first... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY050 remind

14-03-2022 - monday

Various Artists

Molten Mirrors – A Decade of Livity Sound

Limited 4x12'' hardcase box set! Molten Mirrors captures the dynamic energy of Livity Sound at 10, with 19 artists from the label’s roster coming toge... more...

4x12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY049 € 39,99

15-11-2021 - monday


Numbers Talk EP

Beneath's stripped-back blend of crisp drums, sprightly hooks and sub bass are instantly identifiable, but across four new tracks Beneath displays the... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY051 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-09-2021 - wednesday


Make It Circular EP

From the deep bass and irresistible skank of Grapefruit to the rapid yet ice cool propulsion of Microshift and the spacious yet energised rhythms of M... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY048 € 10,99

12-08-2021 - thursday

12-05-2021 - wednesday

Forest Drive West

Dualism EP

Forest Drive West returns to Livity Sound with the ''Dualism EP'', a tour de force of stripped dub aesthetics and swirling psychedelic rhythms.

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY046 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tribal Brothers & DJ Polo

The Link Up EP

Continuing a long history of musical dialogue between the two cities, London's dance scene veterans Tribal Brothers join forces with Bristol's own UK... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY047 € 10,99

24-03-2021 - wednesday

Two Shell

SoulCity EP

''SoulCity'' expands their sonic utopia, injecting early dubstep and grime influences with their signature optimistic digital futurism for maximum dan... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY045 remind

02-03-2021 - tuesday


3x2 EP

Under his more familiar Roska alias, Wayne Goodlitt has been a stalwart of the underground London sound for well over a decade: helping both define th... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY043 remind


Retreat Ites EP

From the paranoid echo of the title track to the dark mutant dancehall of 'Theeves', Jurango crafts heavyweight ice cold drum and bass rhythms explori... more...

12inch Livity Sound: 589YTIVIL € 11,99

21-12-2020 - monday

Surgeons Girl

A Violet Sleep EP

The reflective and immersive extraterrestrial synth explorations of Surgeons Girl's 'A Violet Sleep' EP mark a stunning, dream-like debut for the Bris... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY044 remind

13-11-2020 - friday

DJ Plead

Going For It EP

DJ Plead hits top gear for Livity Sound delivering four tracks of his inimitable rhythm workouts for the aptly titled ''Going For It EP.'' Filtering i... more...

EP Livity Sound: LIVITY042 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

16-09-2020 - wednesday

Al Wootton

Snake Dance EP

Al Wootton drops a collection of stripped back two-stepping rhythms. At times uncompromising and austere, the swing of Al Wootton's reduced grooves, s... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY041 remind

02-07-2020 - thursday

Azu Tiwaline

Magnetic Service

Livity Sound present the ''Magnetic Service'' EP from Azu Tiwaline exploring the intersections of Berber music, dub culture and techno hypnosis across... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY040 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

26-05-2020 - tuesday

Ido Plumes

Away From The Reign

Bristol's Ido Plumes debuts for Peverelist's Livity Sound Reverse series with a stunning three track EP of aquatic textures and UK style grooves. This... more...

12inch Livity Sound: 689YTIVIL € 10,99


Inside EP

''Inside E.P.'' distills the Lack aesthetic across four tracks. From pulsating Chain Reaction and vintage Kode 9 to thumping deep techno and grit lade... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY039 € 11,99

10-04-2020 - friday


2020 Vision EP

London based Kouslin delivers four cutting edge, high energy clubs tracks on Peverelist's Livity Sound label. Drawing on both dancehall influences and... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY038 remind

11-12-2019 - wednesday

Two Shell


Drawing influence from the South London underground of the late nineties and early noughties with a nod to more contemporary Bristol sounds, London's... more...

12inch Livity Sound: LIVITY036 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L