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31-07-2017 - monday

DJ Spinna - TB Or Not TB / Cosmocrank

DJ Spinna

TB Or Not TB / Cosmocrank

NYC based DJ Spinna with two great house cuts.

12inch Local Talk: LT077 remind
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15-05-2017 - monday

Cuthead - Fuck That Shit


Fuck That Shit

Cuthead have, over the last few years released all kinds of gritty house and hip hop beats but normally through his friends over at Uncanny Valley.

12inch Local Talk: LT076 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-03-2017 - friday

Terrence Parker - Gratiot Avenue Piano

Terrence Parker

Gratiot Avenue Piano

Local Talk welcomes Detroit house music legend Terrence Parker to the family!

12inch Local Talk: LT075 remind

09-02-2017 - thursday

Jamie 3:26 & Masalo & Sameed - Testify

Jamie 3:26 & Masalo & Sameed


On the A side we find Chicago legend Jamie 3:26 teaming up with Amsterdams new talent Masalo for a gospel inspired Disco / House jam. On the flip Same... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT074 remind

06-12-2016 - tuesday

Claes Rosen - Kvasten I Hornet

Claes Rosen

Kvasten I Hornet

Claes Rosen makes a return to Local Talk after his Daydreaming release back in 2013. House jams that got after hours written all over it. It's melodic... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT073 € 9,99

28-10-2016 - friday

Marcel Lune - Sketches

Marcel Lune


Hailing from the small town of Stroud, South West England, Marcel Lune has quickly become a new talent to watch in the UK Bass Music Scene. His EP Ske... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT072 remind

27-07-2016 - wednesday

Ezel ft Tumelo - Get Down

Ezel ft Tumelo

Get Down

Opening is the title track Get Down, with its immersive chords, bumping bassline and the help from the talent Tumelo, soulful and deep. On the B side... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT071 remind

09-06-2016 - thursday

Art of Tones - I Just Cant Ep

Art of Tones

I Just Cant Ep

Strings and chords combined with a thick and squelchy bass is the foundation of the title track while on the flip, Dirty Stories, is as hypnotic as it... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT070 remind

13-05-2016 - friday

Turbojazz - Unbreakable EP


Unbreakable EP

Tommy Garofalo aka Turbojazz returns to Local Talk after remixing Corrado Bucci back in 2015. A producer with great versatility that started DJing and... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT069 remind

22-04-2016 - friday

Lay-Far - How I Communicate Remixes (Mr Scruff / Ge-ology)


How I Communicate Remixes (Mr Scruff / Ge-ology)

Starting off we find Scruff going for a slight Disco(ish) rub where analogue synths bumps around with a dark but musical basement feel, but still jazz... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT068 remind

03-03-2016 - thursday

Fish Go Deep - Off Script

Fish Go Deep

Off Script

Local Talk release number 66 moves in deeper territories with a duo that needs no further introduction, Greg Dowling, Shane Johnson aka Fish Go Deep.F... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT066 remind

20-11-2015 - friday

Ashley Beedle / Lay-Far / Darren Morris - The Slope Ep

Ashley Beedle / Lay-Far / Darren Morris

The Slope Ep

Lay-Far, Ashley Beedle and Darren Morris. Together the trio produced an EP that embraces the charms of both disco and house and we think it hits on e... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT064 remind

19-10-2015 - monday

Kiko Navarro ft Amor - Isao

Kiko Navarro ft Amor


'Isao' is Kiko at his finest, a beautiful and hypnotic house track that has the perfect blend of afro and latin elements with a bouncy electronic edg... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT062 € 11,99

Adesse Versions - Wash My Soul Ep

Adesse Versions

Wash My Soul Ep

Adesse is making his Local Talk debut with the 'Wash My Soul EP', three premium cuts of dance floor energy in the most delightful of ways. The titl... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT063 remind

30-04-2015 - thursday

AtJazz - Fox Tooth


Fox Tooth

Summerish vibes on this new Local Talk by veteran AtJazz. Especially the Balearic flipside/remix has a bit of the Sueno Latino groove. Tip!

12inch Local Talk: LT059 remind

12-03-2015 - thursday

Kiko Navarro - New Life Ep

Kiko Navarro

New Life Ep

First up is Dope High, a raw, funked up and full of percussion that gets your head nodding, feet tapping and body moving. You could play this track on... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT057 remind

23-01-2015 - friday

18-12-2014 - thursday

HNNY - Noth-ing



Addictive filtered disco house.

One sided 12 Local Talk: LT055 remind

16-10-2014 - thursday

28-08-2014 - thursday

29-07-2014 - tuesday

10-07-2014 - thursday

13-06-2014 - friday

Zoe Zoe -  Chesus & Timmy P - Bust Them Wifes - Vitamin C

Zoe Zoe - Chesus & Timmy P

Bust Them Wifes - Vitamin C

Zoe Zoe hits new syncopated heights with 'Bust The Wifes', a a pulverising slab of shuffling rhythms and vocal cuts. B Side activity comes from Chesu... more...

12inch Local Talk: LTX003 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

15-05-2014 - thursday

01-05-2014 - thursday

Sameed - Spend



Peak time club tunes of the hyper active Local Talk label. With a surprising acid work out as A2 track of this ep.

12inch Local Talk: LT046 € 9,99

11-04-2014 - friday

Outboxx - Planet Love Ep


Planet Love Ep

The opening 'Planet Love' is a warm & sunny chord driven track a 'On My Own' is bass-heavy 21st century house music, finely honed for those late even... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT045 remind

13-03-2014 - thursday

Luke Solomon - Lost Channels

Luke Solomon

Lost Channels

Lost Channels, a 130 bpm piano driven and punk-dubby New York inspired house track comes in two versions. The Raw & Stripped Version is exactly what... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT044 remind

18-02-2014 - tuesday

Various Artists - One Offs #4

Various Artists

One Offs #4

The fourth instalment of Local Talks series crosses all genres of house and have been delivered by producers from Sweden, Argentina, Germany and Finla... more...

12inch Local Talk: 1FS004 remind

Various Artists - Trinity Ep

Various Artists

Trinity Ep

the German trio Tim Vita, Oliver Gehrmann, Xaver Hirsh serve up their take on house music, jazzy and deep , warm & organic-sounding tracks.

12inch Local Talk: LT043 remind

20-01-2014 - monday

Crackazat  - Candle Coast Ep


Candle Coast Ep

Nice functional house tracks ranging from 90's influenced to more jazzy, all aiming on the dancefloor. Solid!

12inch Local Talk: LT042 remind

10-12-2013 - tuesday

HNNY - Tears Ep


Tears Ep

The lead track Tears puts HNNY back in peaktime territory and as with previous tracks Yearning and For The Very First Tim, HNNY shows you do not need... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT041 remind

22-11-2013 - friday

Dirtytwo - The Baryard Ep


The Baryard Ep

Waisted with it’s plucked strings is classic deep house held together by a bumpy groove, soulful vocals & slick keyboard but still maintaining the f... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT040 remind

11-11-2013 - monday

28-10-2013 - monday

Various Artists - One Offs #3

Various Artists

One Offs #3

Fine compilation with fresh tracks on Local Talk off schoot. Rather diverse selection with tracks ranging from lush deep house to more peak time 90's... more...

12inch Local Talk: 1FS003 remind

16-09-2013 - monday

Kyodai - Moving (Basic Soul Unit Remixes)


Moving (Basic Soul Unit Remixes)

Toronto's Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit has made not one, not two but three interpretations of Kyodai's Moving. Some deeper & dark electronic house... more...

12inch Local Talk: LTX002 remind

Anaxander - The Adventures of my Aniseed lollipop


The Adventures of my Aniseed lollipop

This time a change of sound for the Local Talk crew... no retro 90's korg organs and vocal samples, but some straight machine funk with acid basslines... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT036 remind

19-07-2013 - friday

Kyoda - Breaking Remixes


Breaking Remixes

Ian Pooley and Roberto Rodriquez remixes on Kyodai's house anthem from last year.

12inch Local Talk: LTX001 remind

05-07-2013 - friday

Dj Duke - Closer

Dj Duke


Dj Duke presents Freedom. nice re-issue with Mark McCabe soulfull and warm sounding remixes.

12inch Local Talk: LT1A004 remind

21-06-2013 - friday

11-06-2013 - tuesday

Dj Duke - Closer

Dj Duke


1nce Again is back, this time with the first single in a double package! This is the first of two 12”s containing one of our absolute favourite tr... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT1A003 € 9,99

Orazio Fantini - Good Vibrations

Orazio Fantini

Good Vibrations

the debut EP on Local Talk from Canadian producer Orazio Fantini. Straight up house music that is both deep yet raw and funky all at the same time. v... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT032 remind

24-05-2013 - friday

Tommy Rawson - Lose It

Tommy Rawson

Lose It

Big disco injected house tracks by Tommy Rawson. Recommended!

12inch Local Talk: LT031 € 9,99

14-05-2013 - tuesday

Elef - Wake Up Call


Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call comes in two versions. The original version is a kick & snare pattern driven monster track with heavy arpeggios and deep pads. On the... more...

12inch Local Talk: LT030 € 5,99

29-04-2013 - monday

Dale Howard - Throwback

Dale Howard


Next up on Local Talk we got a raw peak hour jam from Liverpool producer Dale Howard (Lost My Dog, Large, Morris/Audio, Off Rec). There is nothing... more...

10inch Local Talk: LT029 remind

02-04-2013 - tuesday