Label: Mélodies Souterraines - All

03-12-2018 - monday

01-06-2018 - friday

Andy Rantzen - O/P

Andy Rantzen


6th opus of the label. A super eclectic record, exploring diverses styles of electronic music spectrum such as IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Synth Pop ...... more...

LP Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC0843 € 23,99

16-10-2017 - monday

Various Artists - Q/R

Various Artists


It's about weird electro, new wave, industrial, synth pop and dark psychedelic musik. Illustration by Den Haag based A. Blokdijk (Salò Mentale) more...

LP Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC0942 remind

07-06-2017 - wednesday

Various Artists - S/T

Various Artists


Wosto, Alene Marie, Salo Mentale, Autonom, Die Kartoffel. From Dub to Industrial, from Hamburg to Den Haag. 5 tracks for your worst feelings. more...

12inch Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC01041 € 13,99

21-03-2017 - tuesday

Various Artists - U/V

Various Artists


150 copies only, because we are unknown and unrespectable. Music from Le Chocolat Noir, Tryphème, Russell Alderton, Luke Eargoggle, BL?CKMOON77 and Ki... more...

12inch Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC01140 € 12,99

03-10-2016 - monday

Various Artists - W/X

Various Artists


From 90's to now, electronic music at his largest point. Some dark sounds between techno, acid, electro and noise. Apocalyptic music of future, from E... more...

12inch Mélodies Souterraines: SUBREC01239 € 10,99