Label: MMM - All

13-06-2014 - friday

MMM - Jack 7 / Syncro


Jack 7 / Syncro

Stripped down effective almost ravey, dry funk driven tracks rooted in the more techy side of the Chicago Oldschool legacy

12inch MMM: MMM007 (70707) remind

31-05-2013 - friday

MMM - Erik & Fiedel - Donna


Erik & Fiedel - Donna

Powerfull cut up disco tracks, rockin tracks !!

12inch MMM: MMM002(15900) remind

Erik & Fiedel - Nous Sommes

Erik & Fiedel

Nous Sommes

Fiedel & Erik Errorsmith production. Raw raving tracks. a bit Drexciya, a bit Ed Banger, a bit early 90's pre gabber benelux techno...

12inch MMM: MMM004(60283) remind

MMM & Soundhack - Anniversary EP

MMM & Soundhack

Anniversary EP

10th anniversary split release with the trademark cut up House and Disco influenced tracks. more...

12inch MMM: MMM003/SH4(55964) remind

MMM - Erik & Fiedel - Elektro cut


Erik & Fiedel - Elektro cut

Original cut up house techno tracks, different from most records and rockin, sounds like a classic

12inch MMM: MMM001(11111) remind