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28-07-2021 - wednesday



New Andres 12inch om Magohani.

12inch Mahogani Music: MM048 € 24,99

18-11-2020 - wednesday

Celebrity BBQ Sauce Band

Celebrity Barbecue Sauce

Mahogani Music proudly presents the first release of Celebrity BBQ Sauce Band aka Gerald Mitchell of Los Hermanos/Underground Resistance and vocalist... more...

2x12inch Mahogani Music: MM046 remind

27-11-2019 - wednesday

18-10-2019 - friday

19-09-2018 - wednesday

Rick Wilhite

The Godson IV

Fresh double pack on KDJ's Mahogani Music from fellow 3 Chairs member Rick Wilhite aka The Godson. The 4 tracks presented here run the gamut- from fas... more...

2x12inch Mahogani Music: MM042 remind

11-05-2017 - thursday

07-02-2017 - tuesday

02-09-2016 - friday

Sheefy McFly

Edward Elektro

This is the debut release by Detroit native Sheefy McFly. Since his first mixtape, McFly has releases no fewer then 20 self produced albums, spanning... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM037 remind

Obas Nenor


Mahogani Music once again steps out in force once again with Obas Nenor, known for previous work this year on Strictly Rhythm. Surefire soul sounds fo... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM035 remind

Dan Shake

3 AM Jazz Club

Dan Shake on Moodymann's Mahogani Music!

12inch Mahogani Music: MM034 remind

The 3 Chairs

Demi Gods

Three chairs with a new releases... 4 hot tracks of which the opener Demigods (a1) is a sick acid injected Detroit house cut in a style fusion of Marc... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: 3CH07 remind

Paul Hill / Nikki O

Need Me Some U / Music

Split 12'' featuring two of Detroit's hidden gems: Paul Hill ( a producer thats worked with the likes of George Clinton and Too $hort) and Nikki O aka... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM033 € 13,99


The Beatdown

Super limited new Mahogani release from one Nicholas (not to be confused with the house producer Nicholas).

12inch Mahogani Music: MM031 remind

J Dilla


Taken from the ''Rebirth of Detroit'' album that pairs unheard/unreleased Dilla beats with newly recorded lyrics from a host of artists affiliated wit... more...

LP Mahogani Music: MM030 remind

Marvin Belton

Marvin Belton Ep

Beautiful ep by Marvin Beltin on KDJ's Mahogani label. Warm rooted soulful Detroit house tracks. more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM029 remind

Joy Of Sound Productions

Joy Of Sound EP

KDJ's Mahogani Music comes with a cool ep by Joy of Sound productions that deliver some great soulful tracks.

12inch Mahogani Music: MM027 remind

Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe

Four track white label. Experimental Techno at its best!

12inch Mahogani Music: MM026 remind

Urban Tribe

Program 1 - 12

Not much really needs to be said about a new release on Mahogani Music, especially since it involves contributions from some of Detroits greats, inclu... more...

LP Mahogani Music: MM025 remind


Andres II (Part 2)

PART TWO!! New material from the Detroit master Andres. There’s nine tracks in total, bridging the gap between classic Detroit House jams and gospel s... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM024C/D remind


Andres II

Andres bridging gaps between classic Detroit House jams and gospel style vocal tracks. more...

CD Mahogani Music: MM024cd remind


Andres II (Part 1)

Long awaited new material from the Detroit master Andres on Moodymann’s “other” label. In true Mahogani Music style they decided to release the second... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM024A/B remind


Moments In Life

12'' release from his long awaited 2nd album. Mahogani Music don't care to give you any information on their releases, cause you are gonna buy them an... more...

12inch Mahogani Music: MM022 remind