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21-06-2019 - friday

Plants Army Revolver - Nyambi EP

Plants Army Revolver

Nyambi EP

Useless spaces sprinkle the existence of us, mortals, unnecessary certainties enchant our suspended lives between impetus of ancestral desires and s... more...

12inch Mental Modern: MMV010 remind

16-05-2019 - thursday

Various Artists - Various EP

Various Artists

Various EP

I descend in this arduous water, Filthy by the deeds done The light runs out at each movement, The sound becomes gloomier, at each eyelash beat An... more...

12inch Mental Modern: MMV009 remind

12-07-2018 - thursday

Laertes - Argonaut EP


Argonaut EP

We remain suspended, fluctuating In these waters of unknown wellness Flooded by a silence of emotions. Emotions that make our loneliness More deep... more...

12inch Mental Modern: MMV008 remind

08-05-2017 - monday

03-11-2016 - thursday

Luigi Tozzi - Mefite EP

Luigi Tozzi

Mefite EP

Two trippy techno tracks plus the Remixed versions by The Gods Planet and Claudio PRC.

12inch Mental Modern: MMV005 remind

12-07-2016 - tuesday