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28-11-2022 - monday

DJ Stingray 313 - Aqua Team

DJ Stingray 313

Aqua Team

DJ Stingray 313's Aqua Team series returns to Micron Audio. Originally released as a two-part series on the ever-innovative WeMe, the records quickly... more...

3x12inch Micron Audio: MCR00006LP € 32,99

21-11-2022 - monday

Various Artists - MCR00007

Various Artists


This release is a promise from Micron Audio to provide only carefully crafted and curated electronic music from progressive minded artists. Nothing fr... more...

12inch Micron Audio: MCR00007 € 11,49

11-04-2022 - monday

DJ Stingray 313 - F.T.N.W.O.

DJ Stingray 313


DJ Stingray 313's highly-praised FTNWO LP returns to heed its sonic warnings and powerful messages on his own label, Micron Audio. Originally released... more...

2LP Micron Audio: MCR00004LP € 24,99

28-02-2022 - monday

Ctrls	 - Your Data


Your Data

Micron Audio opens its doors to an external artist for the first time, welcoming in Ctrls with a crucial new EP entitled Your Data. Across four tracks... more...

12inch Micron Audio: MCR00005 € 12,49

25-10-2021 - monday

DJ Stingray 313 - Molecular Level Solutions

DJ Stingray 313

Molecular Level Solutions

Micron Audio embodies a hub for a modern and futuristic electro sound, led by its master DJ Stingray 313. The imprint beckons intense electronic sound... more...

12inch Micron Audio: MCR00003 € 12,49

Stingray313 - Electronic Countermeasures


Electronic Countermeasures

Sherard Ingram's Micron Audio label launches it’s opening foray into physical media. Most know Sherard best for his Urban Tribe collective, which has... more...

12inch Micron Audio: MCR00002 remind