Label: Mindcolormusic - All

04-08-2020 - tuesday

Various Artist - AUX44100

Various Artist


Mindcolormusic 10 year anniversary triple pack with 8 artists new to the label, each providing 2 tracks - limited to 150 copies! Artist involved eg111... more...

3x12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX44100 € 44,99

22-11-2019 - friday

21-05-2019 - tuesday

Various Artists - AUX4415

Various Artists


AUX4415 sees a lot of debuts and also old friends united on one huge compilation EP. after collecting these for a long time, it had to be two records... more...

2x12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX4415 remind

24-12-2018 - monday

12-11-2018 - monday

Bromic / Envmod - Aux4413
12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX4413 remind

03-07-2018 - tuesday

Flux & Bovaflux - Aux4411

Flux & Bovaflux


AUX441 sees a debutant on vinyl as well as an old schooler brought together on a release with 4 trax each with wicked acid infused IDM. This one is ag... more...

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX4411 remind

18-10-2017 - wednesday

Fah / Omni Causa - AUX447

Fah / Omni Causa


Fine electro split from Berlin based label Mindcolormusic by Fah and Omni Causa. more...

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX447 remind

14-09-2017 - thursday

Various Artists - AUX446

Various Artists


Nice and diverse electro release by Fah, Lithium Flux, Omni Causa and others on the Mindcolormusic sampler. more...

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX446 remind

02-08-2017 - wednesday

Microlith / Omni Causa - AUX445

Microlith / Omni Causa


A split release of fine melodic electro by the late Microlith and by label owner Omni Causa. more...

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX445 remind

20-12-2016 - tuesday




On this 150 limited and handstamped 12 inch dj MNVR debuts on vinyl with various experimentations handrecorded and overdubbed, all live recorded at au... more...

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX443 remind

16-12-2016 - friday

Omni Causa - Aux 444

Omni Causa

Aux 444

Nice Electro from new German artist Omni Causa, comes with Fah remix! Also available as 12 inch, This is the Cassette version with Extra tracks!

Cassette Tape Mindcolormusic: AUX444t € 11,99

01-11-2016 - tuesday

Omni Causa - Aux 444

Omni Causa

Aux 444

Nice Electro from new German artist Omni Causa, comes with Fah remix! Limited to 150 pc.

12inch Mindcolormusic: AUX444 € 9,99

Bromic - AUX4417



Finally, after a being one of the most featured artists on mindcolormusic, bromic put together a selec for a longplayer. manifold influences between... more...

LP Mindcolormusic: AUX4417 remind