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25-11-2020 - wednesday

Praed Orchestra! - Live in Sharjah

Praed Orchestra!

Live in Sharjah

Live in Sharjah Box Set + Booklet. designed by Lorenzo Mason Studio. If you’ve ever travelled to Egypt and wandered through its crowded streets, yo... more...

3LP Morphine: DOSER040 € 39,99

05-09-2020 - saturday

Marta de Pascalis - Sonus Ruinae

Marta de Pascalis

Sonus Ruinae

Absorbing new album from this very special artist. Hand printed sleeves. Very limited edition. Tape loops are a closed path, a cyclic river, a ring... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER039 € 20,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-05-2020 - friday

DJ Die Soon - Kappa Slap

DJ Die Soon

Kappa Slap

DJ Die Soon is a local legend and ongoing inspiration in the Berlin underground electronic music scene. Remaining largely unknown outside the city, wi... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER038 remind

02-12-2019 - monday

Contagious - Contagious



Contagious is a solid blending of avant-garde experimentation and electronic music. Formed by two innovative voices from the Improvisation scene of Be... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER036 € 17,99

15-11-2019 - friday

Ma - Ama



MA comes from the Tokyo rap & hiphop scene, and throughout the years he evolved into a more noisy and experimental beat making. He blends ritualistic... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER035 € 18,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-11-2019 - friday

01-11-2019 - friday

Stefan Fraunberger - Quellgeister#3

Stefan Fraunberger


Stefan Fraunberger's Quellgeister#3 Bussd is Recorded entirely on an abandoned church's organ in the village of Bussd, Romania, the album is the third... more...

12inch Morphine: DOSER034 € 18,49

18-10-2019 - friday

Upperground Orchestra - Euganea

Upperground Orchestra


Rabih Beaini's Upperground Orchestra (Beaini, Alvise Seggi, Tommaso Cappellato. Piero Bittolo Bon) back with their first studio material since 2008. M... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER033 € 18,99

20-10-2017 - friday

Tarawangsawelas - Wanci



Tarawangsawelas are a musical duo from Bandung, mainly performing a contemporary version of Tarawangsa, the sacred music from Sundanese West Java. Her... more...

LP Morphine: Doser032 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-02-2016 - wednesday

Wukir Suryadi - Woven Sounds

Wukir Suryadi

Woven Sounds

Half of Indonesia's Senyawa (the band's sole instrumentalist, Wukir Suryadi) with a solo release for Morphine. Engineered by Rabih Beaini.

7inch Morphine: Doser029 € 8,49

17-02-2016 - wednesday

Rully Shabara - Huruf Hidup

Rully Shabara

Huruf Hidup

One half (the vocal force) of Indonesia's Senyawa with a solo release for Morphine. Engineered by Rabih Beaini.

7inch Morphine: Doser030 € 8,49

02-12-2015 - wednesday

Pierre Bastien - Blue As An Orange

Pierre Bastien

Blue As An Orange

French composer and multi-instrumentalist Pierre Bastien delivers the latest entry into Morphine's increasingly diverse catalog. Active for over four... more...

LP Morphine: Doser028 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

24-09-2015 - thursday

Pauline Oliveros and Ione - Water Above Sky Below Now

Pauline Oliveros and Ione

Water Above Sky Below Now

Morphine presents Water Above Sky Below Now from pioneering American composer Pauline Oliveros and Ione. An experimental musician and educator, Oliver... more...

LP Morphine: Doser027 € 15,99

21-05-2015 - thursday

Charles Cohen - Brother I Prove You Wrong

Charles Cohen

Brother I Prove You Wrong

Composer, improviser, and Buchla Music Easel master Charles Cohen returns to Morphine with a suite of new material. In keeping with the timbre spectr... more...

2LP Morphine: Doser026 € 22,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-04-2015 - thursday

Senyawa - Menjadi



Morphine continues to excavate the far reaches of sound with a new full-length offering from experimental Indonesian duo Senyawa. Steeped in improvisa... more...

LP Morphine: Doser025lp € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

01-10-2014 - wednesday

Sote - Architectonic



Morphine continues to take us there... this time Iranian producer, Sote, with a full album. Studies in Techno patterns and aesthetics from a maximalis... more...

LP Morphine: Doser024lp € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

02-07-2014 - wednesday

Metasplice - Vertia / Tiled Eighths


Vertia / Tiled Eighths

This weighty double sider on Morphine delves into the paranoid / submarine dwelling / meta-hacker / soundtrack territory they are often known to ente... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser023 remind

24-04-2014 - thursday

Lack - Expect Night Work


Expect Night Work

Morphine continue to expose more destructive electronics from the U.S. underground... 4 Bare bones tracks that owe as much to grimy techno as they do... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser022 € 9,49

11-12-2013 - wednesday

Charles Cohen - Music For Dance And Theater

Charles Cohen

Music For Dance And Theater

Final part in the Charles Cohen trilogy on Morphine Records. Featuring various works made for Dance & Theatre productions between 1976 & 1988. Eleven... more...

2LP Morphine: Doser021 remind

06-12-2013 - friday

Madteo - Insider
12inch Morphine: Doser018 remind

27-11-2013 - wednesday

Charles Cohen - Group Motion

Charles Cohen

Group Motion

Morphine records continue to unearth recordings from Philadelphia's synth pioneer, Charles Cohen. Two beautiful drone/ambient/jazz pieces on this one... more...

LP Morphine: Doser020 remind

13-11-2013 - wednesday

Charles Cohen - The Middle Distance

Charles Cohen

The Middle Distance

Morphosis' Morphine records boldly step into the archives of one of Philadelphia's best kept underground secrets: synth composer, Charles Cohen. This... more...

LP Morphine: Doser019 remind

Charles Cohen - Morphosis Reworks

Charles Cohen

Morphosis Reworks

Morphine label boss, Morphosis, presents the music of electronic composer, Charles Cohen, kicking things off with these two deadly interpretations of... more...

12inch Morphine: Redose2 remind

Container - Treatment



Highly destructive four track EP from the irrepressible, Container, on Morphine Records. Following on from 12''s from the likes of Shake Shakir, Hiero... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser016 remind

Metasplice - Decant / Churn


Decant / Churn

Fierce new industrial two track 12'' from Metasplice... a couple of very well timed destroyers on here, bringing premium 'outsider techno' onto this i... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser015 € 8,99

Hieroglyphic Being - The Lost Transmissions

Hieroglyphic Being

The Lost Transmissions

Jamal Moss is back on Morphine, although you wouldn't think it by the sound of these painfully out-there tracks.Both tracks clock in around the 13 min... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser014 remind

Upperground Orchestra - The Eupen Takes

Upperground Orchestra

The Eupen Takes

The formidable Lebanese / Italian jazz nomads release a long player of deepness on Morphine's new live series... Silk Screen covers and Ltd Edition of... more...

LP Morphine: Doser013s € 9,99

Metasplice - Topographical Interference


Topographical Interference

Morphine twists into a new phase... Metasplice unites the world of the most worshiped techno legends and electronica tycoons with the extremely pure a... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser012 remind

Morphosis - The Tepco Report


The Tepco Report

New MORPHINE!! Yes! Morphosis goes there... two great electronic excursions from the nomad himself!

12inch Morphine: Doser011 € 8,99

Ra.H - Fall Of Justice


Fall Of Justice

Ra.H gives comes with crunchy house patterns on a techno slant surround by deep layers. 'Fall of Justice' features a tremendous drum roll sustained by... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser002 remind

Shake - Levitate Venice


Levitate Venice

Shake returns! Brilliant, stripped down and serious 12'' from Detroit master Anthony 'Shake' Shakir (Frictional). Mad release ranging from off-key hou... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser010 remind

Ra.H - Time



Spaced out new material from Morphine’s Ra.H – coming with a new edge but in a recognizable style. The EP is powerful mix of dub roots, jacking beats,... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser009 remind

Hieroglyphic Being - The Bathroom Sessions Select

Hieroglyphic Being

The Bathroom Sessions Select

The 'Bathroom Sessions' material can be considered as Jamal Moss' more Experimental; Pure and raw acid tracks, roughly recorded and released only on a... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser008 remind

Morphosis - Dark Myths Of Phoenicia Pt.II


Dark Myths Of Phoenicia Pt.II

Ttwo killer deep tracks from Morphosis following up Pt.1. Full of dramatic tension and mystery but still driving enough for the floor.. major tip!

12inch Morphine: Doser007 remind

Madteo - Memoria



Repress! Morphine head once again into the avant-garde with this cool release from Madteo (Lanquid). 9 tracks of experimental deepness - to appeal to... more...

2x12inch Morphine: Doser006 remind

Upperground Orchestra - Solaris Eremit

Upperground Orchestra

Solaris Eremit

Sweet new 12'' on the consistent Morphine imprint.. spaced out deepness from Venitian band, Upperground Orchestra. Comes with a superb edit from Ra.H.... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser005 remind

Morphosis - Hunting EP


Hunting EP

A very limited amount of the first release of Morphine 001 (released in very limited numbers back in 2005)! This is 'Deep Shit' with some kind of sub... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser001 remind

KSoul & Ra.H - Untitled

KSoul & Ra.H


One Sided Killer...Morphine's mission is to keep alive the revolution of techno and house music. Since its birth, the label grows around the original... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser004 remind

Morphosis - Dark Myths Of Phoenicia - Part 1 Of 2


Dark Myths Of Phoenicia - Part 1 Of 2

After the - Hunting- episode, Morphosis drops back with a series of tracks exploring the Phoenician mythology. This one hold mystery, life in darkness... more...

12inch Morphine: Doser003 remind

Gordan - Down In The Meadow


Down In The Meadow

Gordan join traditional Serbian singing with abstraction, energy and minimalism. Their music is marked by radical reduction, seemingly endless ascensi... more...

LP Morphine: DOSER041 remind