Label: Mule Musiq - All

26-05-2023 - friday

Move D


Mule Musiq dives into the archives of humanoid Ambient music history, bringing the vinyl premiere of a classic work by German DJ, producer, and musici... more...

2x12inch Mule Musiq: MULE285 € 34,99

08-05-2023 - monday


Birds On The Playground

DJ, producer and Dial records co-owner Lawrence produced his fourth album for Mule Musiq specifically for ''Studio Mule'', the audiophile listening ba... more...

LP Mule Musiq: Mule267 € 27,99


Newwave Project

Great release by Japanese producer and sound designer Kuniyuki Takahashi, tapping into some roots of his musical education; New wave, German electro p... more...

2LP Mule Musiq: Mule215 € 27,99

12-12-2022 - monday


New Age Swag

Cool break-y house vibes by the brightest hope from Tel Aviv; Nadav Siegel aka ''Autarkic'' who has been releasing nice indie dance tracks from Disco... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule281 € 16,99

23-05-2022 - monday


Birds On The Dancefloor

Dancefloor edits of Lawrence’s latest conceptual album “Birds On The Playground” which was made for Mule Musiq’s listening bar “Studio Mule” in Tokyo.... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule276 remind

14-04-2022 - thursday


Remixed Vol.1 (Theo Parrish Mixes)

Limited re-release of this Mule Musiq / Kuniyuki classic with Stefan Marx’s new artwork. Two beautiful remixes by Theo Parrish.

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule273 remind

07-03-2022 - monday

Kuniyuki Takahashi

Remix Works Sampler

Moody house cuts by Kuniyuki Takahashi. A new series with his ''best of'' remixes, for the first time on vinyl. This time featuring remixes for Paul R... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule271 remind

06-12-2021 - monday


Ancient Rain

Romantically, otherworldly floating introspective ambient: Kuniyuki Takahashi, one of Japan's most prolific contemporary musicians, was always an arti... more...

2LP Mule Musiq: Mule268 € 27,99

09-07-2021 - friday


Earth Beats Live & Larry Heard Remix (Re-Release)

Kuniyuki's live version of ''Earth Beats'' from 2012 is available again. This more dance floor oriented live version is recorded for his European tour... more...

2x12inch Mule Musiq: Mule270 € 24,99

05-02-2020 - wednesday

06-09-2019 - friday

04-07-2019 - thursday


Sketch Of Japan

Superpitcher with maki” on the A side which is a tribute song for legendary Japanese folk singer Maki Asakawa, superpitcher wrote the lyrics and Dip I... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule242 remind

01-07-2019 - monday


Tangerine Sky

Iori’s debut release on Mule with his trademark deep hypnotic house tune and b side is more dubby and psychedelic.

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule240 remind

Chaos In The CBD


Chaos In The CBD with two new ambient break beats tracks.

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule241 € 13,99

08-03-2019 - friday

Yoshimi Ueno

Taiko No Uminari

Johnny’s disk record is an independent jazz label run by the owner of jazz cafe kaiunbashi no johnny located in rikuzentakata city in iwate prefecture... more...

LP Mule Musiq: StudioMule014LP remind

15-12-2018 - saturday

Mitsuaki Katayama Trio

First Flight

Johnny’s disk record is an independent jazz label run by the owner of jazz cafe kaiunbashi no johnny located in rikuzentakata city in iwate prefecture... more...

LP Mule Musiq: StudioMule011LP remind

30-10-2018 - tuesday

Motohiko Hamase


Motohiko Hamase's 1986 album Reminiscence scores a decent prize at online vinyl selling platforms and it is worth each coin! It's a perfect refuge fro... more...

LP Mule Musiq: StudioMule010LP remind

04-10-2018 - thursday

16-02-2018 - friday

Sebastian Mullaert

Broken Mirror

Sebastian Mullaert, Sweden’s long standing techno, experimental and ambient producer, is back on Mule Musiq with three deep tunes that shake your emot... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule2019 remind

Glenn Astro

The Taurus

Raw, soulful and agitating: Glenn Astro, the humble house sorcerer from Berlin, produced four tunes and a sweet interlude for Mule Musiq. more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule222 € 4,99

29-09-2017 - friday

Chaos In The CBD

Comfort Zone

CBD is back on mule musiq with another breath-taking ep. This time the new zealand natives present different atmospheric spheres. The a-side tune “com... more...

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule217 remind

30-08-2017 - wednesday

FP-Oner aka Fred P


Fred P under his FP-Oner moniker with the 7th instalment of his series on Mule Musiq. Soulful house at it's best! more...

2x12inch Mule Musiq: Mule216 remind

25-08-2017 - friday

Marcos Cabral

Pest Control

NYC producer Marcos Cabral (L.I.E.S., Creme) giving birth to 3 tracks with punchy energetic machine-ism.

12inch Mule Musiq: Mule213 remind