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16-08-2018 - thursday

Various Artists - Nachtdigital 21

Various Artists

Nachtdigital 21

The yearly festival record of Nachtdigital 2018 with great tracks by Kann, Johanna Knuttson, Vai, Manuel Stallbaumer & Stefan Schmidt-Dichte. 4 Collag... more...

2x12inch Nachtdigital: ND21 € 21,99

17-08-2017 - thursday

Giegling / KLM / Pandt / Cologne Tape / Nachti - Nachti XX

Giegling / KLM / Pandt / Cologne Tape / Nachti

Nachti XX

Special double vinyl from the annual Nachtdigital festival. Tracks by Giegling, KLM, Pandt, Cologne Tape & the Nachti crew. more...

2x12inch Nachtdigital: ND20 € 19,99

16-08-2016 - tuesday

Various Artists - Nachti Banana

Various Artists

Nachti Banana

The annual Nachtdigital festival record lands at Clone again! Tracks from Red Axes, Jens-Uwe Beyer, Tolouse Low Trax and Weber. Vinyl only, strictly l... more...

12inch Nachtdigital: ND19 remind

26-08-2015 - wednesday

Various Artists - Super Various

Various Artists

Super Various

The Nachtdigital crew provided us with a small batch of their record from this years festival in Olganitz. Tracks by Chino, Mix Mup, rRoxymore and Luk... more...

12inch Nachtdigital: ND18 remind

21-08-2014 - thursday

Various Artists - Nachti Various

Various Artists

Nachti Various

Limited edition record from Nachtdigital 17 which was sold at the festival. Great tracks from Legowelt, Randweg, Perm and Praezisa Rapid 3000! Only 50... more...

12inch Nachtdigital: ND17 remind