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28-10-2019 - monday

V - Confusion EP


Confusion EP

We welcome back V to Nautilus Rising with his unique and innovative take on contemporary club music. After a string of high quality releases on Cin Ci... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR06 € 10,99

17-09-2018 - monday

Love Over Entropy - 9576 EP

Love Over Entropy

9576 EP

Sub Club and Nautilus Rising present their fifth release, courtesy of Love Over Entropy. Four tracks tried and tested on the dance floor at 22 Jamaica... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR05 € 9,99

13-11-2017 - monday

Domenic Cappello - The intruder EP

Domenic Cappello

The intruder EP

Deep space electro techno tracks by Sub Club resident Domenic Cappello. He has released many records under many guises yet this is his first EP under... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR04sub € 9,99

30-01-2017 - monday

V - Faux Pas EP


Faux Pas EP

Epic building tracks full of tension by V. V the anti-SEO one-character pseudonym of someone previously known. They release their first full-length on... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR003sub € 10,99

25-07-2016 - monday

Lazaros - GE EP



Adventurous and fresh modern club tunes on this 2nd Nautilus Rising release, the label from the infamous Subclub in Glasgow. Music is by the talented... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR002sub € 10,99

23-11-2015 - monday

Various Artists - Nautilus Rising

Various Artists

Nautilus Rising

Timeless techno with soul, funk and energy on this new Sub Club label, Nautilus Rising!!! With 28 years of nurturing local DJ talent and delivering qu... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR001sub remind
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