Label: Neubau - All

29-05-2018 - tuesday

Gil.Barte - Sssjp EP


Sssjp EP

Experimental bits & pieces by Gil.Barte from Lyon, operator of the newly founded Kump label.

12inch Neubau: BAU008 € 13,99

17-11-2017 - friday

21-07-2017 - friday

Sheila Fleurator - E-Moon EP
12inch Neubau: BAU005 remind

MRH - City Of Greed Pt. II EP
12inch Neubau: BAU004 remind

17-06-2016 - friday

Karamika - Untitled EP


Untitled EP

Second instalment on this exciting yet dark imprint from Vienna. Strictly one per customer!

12inch Neubau: BAU002 remind

27-11-2015 - friday

Aufgang B - B-Ware EP

Aufgang B

B-Ware EP

Tripped out jams from this fine new imprint. Small (first) run!

12inch Neubau: BAU001 remind