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03-06-2020 - wednesday

11-03-2020 - wednesday

17-11-2014 - monday

Happy Meals - Apero

Happy Meals


Apéro is an instant rush of Kosmiche-disco, utterly addictive and inviting. The epic Crystal Salutation welcomes the listener in with analogue synths... more...

12inch Nightschool: LSSN028LP remind
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10-09-2014 - wednesday

Prostitutes - Nouveauree



With previous work on labels such as Mira and Spectrum Spools, Prostitutes has deconstructed Techno forms and re-invigorated 4/4 structures to delirio... more...

12inch Nightschool: LSSN025 remind
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06-02-2014 - thursday

Yong Yong - Greatest It's

Yong Yong

Greatest It's

Since seeping out from the Lisbon underground in 2012 with some clandestine internet musics and supplemented by a debut LP - “Love” which garnered uni... more...

LP Nightschool: LSSN021 € 8,99

Love Cult - Know

Love Cult


Beginning with tape experimentation, noise excursions and long-form drift and drone musics, Love Cult have steadily built up a discography based on de... more...

12inch Nightschool: LSSN022 remind

15-01-2014 - wednesday

The Space Lady - The Space LadyÂ’s Greatest Hits

The Space Lady

The Space LadyÂ’s Greatest Hits

The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of San Francisco in the late 70s, playing versions of contemporary pop music an accordion and dressed... more...

LP Nightschool: LSSN020 remind

03-10-2013 - thursday

The Space Lady  - Major Tom / Radar Love

The Space Lady

Major Tom / Radar Love

Finally somebody did it! The long awaited vinyl issue of the worlds most music nerd friendly street musician...San Francisco's, The Space Lady! Soundi... more...

7inch Nightschool: LSSN018 remind

Molly Nilsson - The Travels

Molly Nilsson

The Travels

The Travels represents a signpost in the continuing journey that is the songs of Berlin-based artist Molly Nilsson. LP with download card and lyric in... more...

12inch Nightschool: LSSN017 remind

Cucina Povera - Hilja

Cucina Povera


An ethereal, unresolved presence fading into the stereo field, Hilja breathes into life with a haunted synth line and self-sampling vocal hook that in... more...

LP Nightschool: LSSN055 remind
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