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06-07-2017 - thursday

Scott Scheferman - Volcanic Organic

Scott Scheferman

Volcanic Organic

Now Nighttripper Records is born! The first is from the US Native Scott Scheferman it’s a cold stomper with jerky sounds and stomping distorted 909 ki... more...

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT001 € 9,99

13-06-2016 - monday

Paty Pat - Chicago Wave

Paty Pat

Chicago Wave

4 solid techno tracks from Paty Pat. Joined by the Nighttripper himself on Unknown Synth.

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT004 € 8,99

Zach Lubin - Futuristic Love Affair

Zach Lubin

Futuristic Love Affair

Three melodic detroit tinged tracks from Chicago native Zach Lubin. Also known for his outings on Axis sublabel ''6277'' and Kimochi. Orlando Voorn o... more...

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT005 € 8,99

29-03-2016 - tuesday

Mattia Trani - 313 Times EP

Mattia Trani

313 Times EP

Heavily 313 influenced tracks from Mattia Trani for honorary Detroiter Orlando Voorn's Nighttripper Records. Comes with excellent remixes by Juan Atki... more...

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT003 remind

18-02-2016 - thursday

Various Artists - Various Vol. 1

Various Artists

Various Vol. 1

Nighttripper Drops a Various banger containing a variety of powerful techno cuts by the likes of Orlando Voorn & Gatto who deliver “Storm” a stomper t... more...

12inch Nighttripper Records: NT002 € 9,99