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Philipp Otterbach

Correct Me If I Am Incorrectly You

Post-music phantasmagoria for the world in which the past became more unpredictable than the future. Remember Cowboy Bob, Salaryman and Gary Floyd in... more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN028 remind

Big Daddy

Bomb Culture

Big Daddy are Simon Crab and Fritz Catlin - Two luminaries who left deep marks in the universe of Offen with their bands (Bourbonese Qualk, 23 Skidoo)... more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN025 € 23,49


None Of The Above

Kinzua are Lucas Brell and Marvin Uhde (known as Qnete to some), great live band. “None Of The Above” is their debut album. Powerfully introvert and e... more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN024 € 24,99


Novi Svet

Long time in the making, finally here: Belgrade’s Tapan debut on Offen. Folk infused slow-beat burners.

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN023 € 15,49


Offen Im Sturm

Glitched out folk bangers on Offen Music. Imagine Bryn Jones on steroids.

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN022 € 15,49

Ex Ponto

In A Quarry

Australian musician, composer and producer Ex Ponto aka Ivan Maši? has self-released dozens of albums with improvisation collective, Council of Elders... more...

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN021 € 13,99

Nic Arizona

Doll Pin

Anjuna Niv enters the world of Offen like a magic influence making everything happy. Soundtrack of mistakes from a truly psychedelic realm.

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN020 € 12,99



CZN stands for copper, zinc and nickel the raw path of materials used by percussionist and sculptor Joao Pais Filipe, composer and drummer Valentina M... more...

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN018 remind

An Anomaly

Decadent Skies

TPPM and AtB aka Mr fLooDs are turning on the research machine taking the listener on a extraordinary tripped out ecstatic journey through timespace w... more...

2x12inch Offen Music: OFFEN017 remind

Tadi ft. DJKR

Seven Diamond Lines

OFFEN 016 was long time in the making, and we could write a lot about it - from the first time Lena Willikens played it in Warsaw on 30.11.2019 to the... more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN016 remind

Geins t Nait

GN / Scanner

Geins't Naït returns to Offen, this time he enlists Scanner (living experimental electronics legend , Robin Rimbaud) to join him in his land of loop.... more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN015 € 22,49

Full Circle


Alexis Le Tan and Joakim team up again as Full Circle. „Shiver“ is their debut on Offen, sonic shrine to a better yesterday. Piecing together bits of... more...

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN014 remind

Black Merlin


The two inimitable long tracks from George Thompson AKA Black Merlin have reached Offen on 13.11.2019, and Offen said: let there be 013!

12inch Offen Music: OFFEN013 € 13,49

Smagghe & Cross


Ivan Smagghe & Rupert Cross collaborate again.. and it's another beauty! more...

LP Offen Music: OFFEN012 € 20,49


2 0

Offen sends out another probe. Karamika - a studio creation from George Thompson (Black Merlin) and Gordon Pohl AKA Dussuldorfs engineer supreme(Mu... more...

2LP Offen Music: OFFEN011 € 23,49



Marco Passarani has been at it for over 25 yrs. Masterclass business from the Roman machine wizard - another special one for Dusseldorf's OFFEN. more...

2LP Offen Music: OFFEN010 € 19,99

Geinst Nait & Laurent Petitgand

Make Dogs Sing

Geins't Naït is considered legendary at Offen Music. Releasing music since 1986, their last 3 albums have featured Laurent Petitgand (2011, 2014 & 201... more...

2LP Offen Music: Offen009 € 22,99



90s material from the man also responsible for the Rex Illusivii material we've been adoring here. Stunning again. Download Code Included. more...

2LP Offen Music: Offen008 remind



Avant-punk trio, Toresch, return with a 4 track EP for Dusseldorf's, Offen. Following on and loosening up (possibly the result of live performances?).... more...

12inch Offen Music: Offen007 remind

Beck / Nash / Reyenga


Metaclaw is blazed studio session that time could have forgotten...but Offen Music didn't. A glorious downbeat synth plodder/head nodder from the mind... more...

12inch Offen Music: Offen006 € 10,99

Smagghe & Cross


2 tracks from the post-MA sessions. More music for blind observers.. Limited stamped 10''.

10inch Offen Music: Offen005.5 remind

LP Offen Music: Offen005 € 23,49

Rex Ilusivii

Koncert SNP 1983

Next installment of Rex Ilusivi archive uncoverings - This time a live concert from SNP (srpsko narodno pozoriste / serbian national theatre) in Novi... more...

LP Offen Music: Offen004 € 21,99

Ihor Tsymbrovsky

Come, Angel

Offen Music 003 is a selection of 3 songs from Ihor Tsymbrovsky’s Come Angel, cassette album released on Koka Records, Poland, in 1996 (Recorded in 95... more...

LP Offen Music: Offen003 remind