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Ayro - Let this/drink


Let this/drink

New Detroit label from Recloose and friends... Funky new school vocal jazz/broken beat techno (Simulair quality as Archive/2000black etc)

12inch Omoa: Omoa 2 € 9,99

Lover's Quarrel - Love Hertz

Lover's Quarrel

Love Hertz

Downtempo & jazzy late-night deep house from Detroit...

12inch Omoa: Omoa 003 € 4,99

Ayro - ElectronicLoveFunk



First album on this fresh Detroit label. Freshly produced broken beats & jazzy deephouse with energetic vocals for all Recloose, Moodymann, 2000black... more...

2x12inch Omoa: Omoa Music 005 € 17,99