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12-10-2018 - friday

Thought Camera - Astral Pilot

Thought Camera

Astral Pilot

After a few years on hiatus, One Electronica has gone all out in with a heavy debut 4 tracker from new member - Thought Camera. The young Belfast bo... more...

12inch One Electronica: OE007 remind

11-03-2015 - wednesday

Samaan - Apertures Of Adelaide EP


Apertures Of Adelaide EP

One Electronica returns with a blinding 12'' from Samaan, featuring knock-out remixes from The Exaltics & Phantom Planet Outlaws (feat. John Heckle &... more...

12inch One Electronica: OE006 remind

30-04-2014 - wednesday

D'Marc Cantu - 1210a EP

D'Marc Cantu

1210a EP

A extensive palate of sounds available on this pack range from slower ambience influenced grooves, outright 'jak', industrial grit pursuing to intense... more...

12inch One Electronica: OE005 remind

15-11-2013 - friday

Samaan - Merchants & Missionaries


Merchants & Missionaries

Samaan delivers a crushing EP here for his third 12'' on One Electronica. No question that this EP is a big 'un, and with a suitably freaky remix D'Ma... more...

12inch One Electronica: OE004 € 9,99

13-05-2013 - monday

01-03-2013 - friday

Samaan - Terminator Reserve (Luke Hess rmx)


Terminator Reserve (Luke Hess rmx)

Another clever techno release with emphasis on quality and structure and not forgetting the input from Detroit dub merchant Luke Hess. 'Terminator Res... more...

12inch One Electronica: OE002 remind