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05-07-2022 - tuesday

R-Zac - Trailer Trax


Trailer Trax

When Spiral Tribe congregated in Berlin in the Winter of 1993, they found themselves squatting a series of trailers at Potsdamer Platz. In one of thes... more...

2x12inch PRSPCT Recordings: PRSPCT271 remind

26-01-2022 - wednesday




2021 repress. Breakbeat legend The Panacea and Techno head Ansome together with [KRTM] building a trainride of annihilation. Three tracks taking you r... more...

12inch PRSPCT Recordings: PRSPCTSPCR003RP € 11,99

01-12-2021 - wednesday

Deathmachine - Mutability LP


Mutability LP

Deathmachine presents his second album, Mutability, a concept record reflecting on the hidden power of technology. Diving deeper into the themes of En... more...

3x12inch + Download PRSPCT Recordings: PRSPCT262 € 29,99

06-07-2021 - tuesday

Coco Bryce - Sound Dimensions

Coco Bryce

Sound Dimensions

After the MASSIVE Coco and the Cat EP for PRSPCT RVLT, the one and only Coco Bryce is back with his first solo EP for PRSPCT Recordings. At once lush,... more...

12inch PRSPCT Recordings: PRSPCT252 remind
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