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05-07-2021 - monday

Somachrome - Electro Romantica


Electro Romantica

"Electro Romantica" covers the content aswell the inspiration for this beautiful record produced by Somachrome aka Raffaele "Whodamanny" Arcella and L... more...

LP Periodica: PRD1021 remind

10-05-2021 - monday

The Funkin' Machine - Allerta Meteo

The Funkin' Machine

Allerta Meteo

A singular group of experts issues a notice of extraordinary urgency in the vicinity of various atmospheric phenomena, which are partially localized a... more...

LP Periodica: PRD-SP1002 € 18,99

22-03-2021 - monday

Nico Mecca - Floppy Computer

Nico Mecca

Floppy Computer

'Floppy Computer' is the newest set of future-gazing grooves from Periodica Records and label partner Raffaele "Whodamanny" Arcella rescuing and resto... more...

LP Periodica: PRD1020 € 16,99

15-02-2021 - monday

Danger Boys - Danger Zone

Danger Boys

Danger Zone

Anthem alert!! Periodica Records dives into the heart of the Napoli underground with a scorching single from Danger Boys called 'Danger Zone', which s... more...

7inch Periodica: PRD1019 € 9,99

26-10-2020 - monday

Parbleu - Danse Cette Zik


Danse Cette Zik

Equatorial groove excursions by Parbleu on this new Periodica release. A multi-cultural fever dream of imagined sonic exotica, one featuring both ev... more...

LP Periodica: PRD1018 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-06-2020 - monday

A. C. Band - Good Feelings

A. C. Band

Good Feelings

Fresh Italian Disco vibes from the Neapolitan's West Hill Studio.

7inch Periodica: PRD1017 € 9,99

16-03-2020 - monday

Rosa - Acqua Di Sale


Acqua Di Sale

Boogielicious Synth Pop made in Napoli! "Acqua Di Sale" is the first mini-album of the mysterious Rosa. Recorded at the West Hill Studio, this is th... more...

LP Periodica: PRD1016 remind

07-10-2019 - monday

Space Garage - Space Garage (Reissue)

Space Garage

Space Garage (Reissue)

Intoxicating and scorching electro-space rock by Mystic Jungle and Rico Milord. Limited reissue edition on 12" with an additional special extended ver... more...

12inch Periodica: PRD1015 € 11,99

01-07-2019 - monday

Whodamanny - The Dance Sucker


The Dance Sucker

Periodica Records is back with a four tracker 12inch from Raffaele Whodamanny Arcella. "The Dance Sucker" sees Whodamanny off the microphone going for... more...

EP Periodica: PRD1014 remind

04-03-2019 - monday

Mystic Jungle - Jurakan

Mystic Jungle


Mystic Jungle is back with 4 killer tunes!! Four slabs of stylish and edgy electronic Italo-Disco cuts by the head honcho of Periodica Records and Fut... more...

EP Periodica: PRD1013 remind

21-01-2019 - monday

Modula - Argonauta



Weirdo and naked electronic funk with the bewitching voice of a mermaid that will provoke the misadventures of an argonaut sucked into the deep sea de... more...

7inch Periodica: PRD1012 remind

14-01-2019 - monday

Pascal - Arcipelago



Two new disco-dub joints by Pascal inspired by the fresh breeze of an oceanic archipelago, plus an obscure cosmic-boogie reinterpretation of the previ... more...

12inch Periodica: PRD1011 remind

28-05-2018 - monday

Milord - Delta Waves Dimension


Delta Waves Dimension

Super nice organic electro funk on this first solo release by E. Fierro aka Milord (Space Garage & The Mystic Jungle Tribe member). more...

EP Periodica: PRD1010 € 12,99

30-04-2018 - monday

Whodamanny - Dancing Ritual


Dancing Ritual

Another double-tracker out from the Napoli's West Hill Studio, this time by the hands of Whodamanny delivering two Italian funk-disco jams entirely ma... more...

7inch Periodica: PRD1009 remind

26-03-2018 - monday

Pascal - Nero Di Seppia / Scogliera


Nero Di Seppia / Scogliera

Ethereal new age funk infected out from the neapolitan crew.

7inch Periodica: PRD1008 remind

26-02-2018 - monday

08-01-2018 - monday

Space Garage - Space Garage

Space Garage

Space Garage

Two spontaneous recordings made by Mystic Jungle & Rico Milord during an hot midsummer night at West Hill Studio (Camaldoli, Naples). Lo-fi reverberat... more...

7inch Periodica: PRD1006 remind

21-08-2017 - monday

The Mystic Jungle Tribe - Plenilunio

The Mystic Jungle Tribe


Plenilunio is a resume of The Mystic Jungle Tribe's influences, past and present musical journeys. This record is a statement more than a selection of... more...

LP Periodica: PRD1005 remind

05-06-2017 - monday

Piyojo - Live Recordings Restored By Zachte Man


Live Recordings Restored By Zachte Man

Piyojo's work is an alternately contemplative and contorted journey through unconscious spaces in research of "time" echoing electro-tribalism and eth... more...

12inch Periodica: PRD04 € 10,99

30-01-2017 - monday

Riccardo Schiro - Aqua

Riccardo Schiro


An exploration through the submarine worlds, catching sounds from the seabed, experiencing life like an aquatic creature. All tracks written, produced... more...

LP Periodica: PRD03 remind

27-06-2016 - monday

Zampera & Mutto ft Filippo Zenna - So You Are

Zampera & Mutto ft Filippo Zenna

So You Are

A smoky 80s nightclub, muffled background voices, dim red lights and whiskey drowning your soul... this is ''So You Are'' scenario, the perfect sound... more...

7inch Periodica: PRD02 remind

20-06-2016 - monday

Whodamanny - Cosmic Morphology


Cosmic Morphology

Early Sounds Recordings brings to light its freaky side with its brand new sublabel project, Periodica Records, that delivers for their first release... more...

LP Periodica: PRD01 € 9,99