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31-07-2019 - wednesday

Wilted Woman - Lon Lon Night Vision (Inc. Laurel Halo Remix)

Wilted Woman

Lon Lon Night Vision (Inc. Laurel Halo Remix)

‘Lon Lon Night Vision’ is a creeping, industrial interpretation of acid sounds, peeling away layers of tension to reveal a melody straight from the co... more...

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22-03-2019 - friday

31-01-2019 - thursday

04-10-2018 - thursday

10-09-2018 - monday

Ghost Culture - Axon (Legowelt remix)

Ghost Culture

Axon (Legowelt remix)

Following on from 2017's experimentally-focused EP, 'Nucleus', Axon finds Phantasy regular Ghost Culture return with an urgent, pristine slice of club... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH80 remind
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10-07-2018 - tuesday

Daniel Avery - Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)

Daniel Avery

Quick Eternity (Four Tet Remix)

Following the release of his Projector EP earlier this month, Daniel Avery has enlisted revered London producer Four Tet aka Kieran Hebden for a remix... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH73 remind

24-04-2018 - tuesday

Future Four  - Connection

Future Four


Andy Meecham, the brains behind Emperor Machine, Chicken Lips, Randee Jean Bizarre Inc. A veritable powerhouse of synths, vintage drum machines and a... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH068 remind

15-03-2018 - thursday

28-02-2018 - wednesday

James Welsh  - Thread Remixes
12inch Phantasy Sound: PH66RMX remind

25-04-2017 - tuesday

28-02-2017 - tuesday

03-11-2016 - thursday

Cowboy Rhythmbox  - Mecanique Sauvage

Cowboy Rhythmbox

Mecanique Sauvage

CBRB's latest triptych for Phantasy takes their sound into a more dystopian direction, a world of concrete shopping centres, the occult and physically... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH055 remind

26-04-2016 - tuesday

Ghost Culture - Safe / Multiply

Ghost Culture

Safe / Multiply

Killer openings track somewhere between bleepy UK rave techno, Detroit techno and mid90's trance, flip side is a heavy pulsating trancey cut that will... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH052 remind

25-01-2016 - monday

Kamera  - Ventoux



The highly anticipated follow up to his 2015 debut EP, ARC, Kamera returns to continue his journey on Phantasy with four diverse new tracks that serve... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH049 € 10,99

18-09-2015 - friday

Cowboy Rhythmbox  - Fantasma

Cowboy Rhythmbox


Driving Electro/EBM inspired tracks loaded with samples and great use of samples and vocal snippets. Title track is a real killer!

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07-05-2015 - thursday

07-02-2015 - saturday

06-02-2015 - friday

20-01-2015 - tuesday

Daniel Avery - Remixes
12inch Phantasy Sound: PH042 remind

08-01-2015 - thursday

Daniel Avery - Remixes (wrong label MP)
12inch Phantasy Sound: PH042 (wrong label MP) remind

02-12-2014 - tuesday

Cowboy Rhythmbox - We Got The Box

Cowboy Rhythmbox

We Got The Box

''Cowboy Rhythmbox are Nathan Gregory Wilkins and Richard X, latest signings to Phantasy. Coming together to create their own singular strain of music... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH041 remind

29-08-2014 - friday

30-04-2014 - wednesday

16-04-2014 - wednesday

15-11-2013 - friday

Ghost Culture - Red Smoke / Mouth

Ghost Culture

Red Smoke / Mouth

Ghost Culture emerges from the London fog. Finely crafted, delicate songwriting through the mirror of dusty, analogue electronica yet with the ever pr... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH029 remind

30-10-2013 - wednesday

Daniel Avery - Naive Response / Reception

Daniel Avery

Naive Response / Reception

Danny Daze & Perc Remixes of these lbum tracks from Daniel Avery's debut album.

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH030 remind

16-10-2013 - wednesday

Daniel Avery - Drone Logic

Daniel Avery

Drone Logic

Innovative and forward thinking without forgetting the past! Drone Logic manages to draw influences from beyond the dancefloor via My Bloody Valentine... more...

2LP Phantasy Sound: PHLP02 remind

04-09-2013 - wednesday

17-04-2013 - wednesday

Future Four - Ep 1

Future Four

Ep 1

Andy Meecham, one of the guys behind Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips amongst many others, and captures the excitement, diversity,strangeness and harmony... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH023 € 9,99

19-10-2012 - friday

Daniel Avery - Water Jump

Daniel Avery

Water Jump

'Water Jump' EP is the second EP from Dan Avery. Featuring 4 brand new tracks 'Drone Logic', 'Water Jump', 'Receptionist' and 'A Quiet Life' all illus... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH021 remind

Fan Death - Veronica's Veil

Fan Death

Veronica's Veil

Fan Death comes with a nice neo disco track. In the vein of Elitechnique, Italians Do It Better or Escort. A divine disco groove captivating all who h... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH003 remind

Ghost Culture - Giudecca / Half Open

Ghost Culture

Giudecca / Half Open

Ghost Culture returns with a second single for Phantasy, opening the door a little further into his musical world. 'Giudecca' is an aching love song f... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: PH033D remind

LA Priest - Engine

LA Priest


'Engine' is the first release from Phantasy Sound and debut single from the UK's sharpest young musical mind LA Priest. 'Engine' sounds like Aphex Twi... more...

12inch Phantasy Sound: Phos001 remind