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Voltaic - Abyss



Point.One OG’s Voltaic return with their third and final release! The massive Techno-Electro hybrid “Abyss” (written & produced by Rustie), has alread... more...

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Letroset - Hertz Aus Glas EP (Mr. Pauli Remix)


Hertz Aus Glas EP (Mr. Pauli Remix)

With a style equally in debt to super camp Italo as it is to early Chicago House and Detroit Techno. Letroset’s four submissions more than hint that w... more...

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Automat - Black Star


Black Star

Labelhead Jackmaster literally got down on his knees and begged Automat to release this bass-heavy monster of a track. After much undignified pleading... more...

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Voltaic - Oxidize ep


Oxidize ep

From the old school Detroit Techno make up of “Disport” to the Grimey dub step influenced “Fin” this record has killer written all over it. the title... more...

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Bumper - Everybody Fonki


Everybody Fonki

The first in a series of collaborations between two promising Scottish labels sees the mighty Bumper bring the heat with three chunks of electronic fu... more...

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Gosub - The Future Is Enslaved ep


The Future Is Enslaved ep

Classic Gosub styled electro trax with low slung, modulated bass lines, off key pads and metallic percussion styles. A real killer 12'' which will get... more...

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Tangible - Gameover



An electro gem by Tangible aka Michael Hanlon, who rips a gaping wound into the current electro soundscape. Hanlon has made his debut some years ago o... more...

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Voltaic - EP1



The imaginatively named ''EP1'' opens with ''Behaviour Modification'', a fast paced, straight up electro squelcher, with an infectious acid tinged bas... more...

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