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05-06-2020 - friday

Som Imaginario - Matanca Do Porco

Som Imaginario

Matanca Do Porco

Som Imaginário was a famous Brazilian group responsible for support the singer Milton Nascimento. The group released 3 albums between 1970 and 1973.'A... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33453-1 € 48,99

Hermeto Pascoal - Zabumbe-bum-a

Hermeto Pascoal


It is often said that Hermeto Pascoal’s music is uncharacterizable. This is essentially true. Although you will find his records in the “jazz” section... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33368-1 € 46,99

Chico Buarque - Construcao

Chico Buarque


'Construcao' is a political statement originally released in 1971, during military dictatorship. The LP is a gentle, melancholy, bossanova journey, fr... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33340-1 € 46,99

21-08-2018 - tuesday

06-12-2017 - wednesday

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Urubu

Antonio Carlos Jobim


Brilliant 70s material by Antonio Carlos Jobim – one of his key sets from the middle part of the decade that had the composer really deepening his app... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33314-1 € 34,99

Joao Donato - Quem E Quem

Joao Donato

Quem E Quem

João Donato steered Brazilian music in new directions. Lacking a name for his style of music, Donato’s is a distinct sound, immediately recognizable f... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33308-1 remind

Lo Borges - Lo Borges

Lo Borges

Lo Borges

An incredible album from Lo Borges – one of the best singer/songwriters on the Brazilian scene of the 70s! Borges first burst into the spotlight for h... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33302-1 € 34,99

01-10-2014 - wednesday

Tom Ze - Estudando O Samba
LP Polysom: Polysom 33067-1 € 32,99

Tom Ze - Todos Os Olhos

Tom Ze

Todos Os Olhos

180 gram reissue of original pressing from 1974.

LP Polysom: Polysom 33069-1 € 32,99

Jorge Ben - Negro E Lindo
LP Polysom: Polysom 33125-1 € 32,99

Joao Donato - Lugar Comum
LP Polysom: Polysom 33151-1 € 32,99

Antonio Adolfo - Feito Em Casa
LP Polysom: Polysom 33175-1 € 32,99

Nelson Angelo E Joyce - Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Nelson Angelo E Joyce

Incredible early work from Joyce – the completely fantastic female singer who would go on to transform the sound of Brazilian music in the 70s, and ha... more...

LP Polysom: Polysom 33385-1 remind