Label: Public Possession - All

11-07-2023 - tuesday

21-06-2023 - wednesday

31-01-2023 - tuesday

Nice Girl

Look At That Thing

Nice Girl is back with 4 Tracks sitting somewhere between chillout, club & experimental.

12inch Public Possession: PP081 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

29-11-2022 - tuesday

Eden Burns

Big Beat Manifesto (Remixed)

Eden Burns the prophet is back and he brought along some friends to mix up his messages. Remember a good message is one that is flexible!

12inch Public Possession: PP080 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

17-10-2022 - monday


Percussion Heaven

Spiritual tribal House/Techno from the woods of Sweden brought to you by Nicolai Zellmani.

12inch Public Possession: PP078 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

22-07-2022 - friday

Eden Burns

Big Beat Manifesto Vol. VI

Eden Burns Journey continues, travelling the world he is gaining followers by the minute. Adapting styles as he pleases never loosing his clear vision... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP072 € 15,99

01-07-2022 - friday


Lombardoni Tool (+ Lipelis Disco Megamixx)

This one has secretly been on the sticks of some of your favourite Balearic/Disco D.J.s for quite some time now. Guaranteed dancefloor ecstasy! Finall... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP-UTI-12 remind

23-05-2022 - monday

Eden Burns

Big Beat Manifesto Vol. V

Eden Burns who has proclaimed his “Big Beat Manifesto” through the wires and waves of the world wide web and on the green & grey floors of his home is... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP071 remind

04-05-2022 - wednesday

World Gym

World Gym

Beer from plastic cups spilled on sticky carpets. A cold sea breeze, leaving a salty kiss on your lips. Never fully coming of age, forever keep some o... more...

7inch Public Possession: PP067 € 14,99

16-03-2022 - wednesday

Eden Burns & Christopher Tubbs

Burns & Tubbs

Eden Burns is back and brings along his old companion Christopher Tubbs. Together they follow the path of Ulysses, beguiled by Sirens, fed by by Bacch... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP066 remind

08-02-2022 - tuesday

Aksel & Aino

Gingko Remixed (Gerd Janson, Lauer, Dj City, Nice Girl)

Collaboration between Live At Robert Johnson & Public Possession, both selecting some key label artists to remix 'Gingko' a track taken from 'Aksel &... more...

12inch Public Possession: PLAYRJC-PP-00 remind

Aroma Pitch


Iconic Live trio, DJs & Producers Aroma Pitch are back on Public Possession. After having released their Maxi EP “Oxi Rain / Water Air Water” we are v... more...

2LP Public Possession: PP060 € 31,99

09-12-2021 - thursday

Nice Girl


Debut Album of Nice Girl titled 'Ipsum'. As a natural progression from her prior singles on Public Possession the music has a very capturing energy, a... more...

2LP Public Possession: PP057 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

18-11-2021 - thursday

Bell Towers


Sweat drops on naked skin, gloss high upon the white blue sky. Take me to the top, white wash seashore break on the rock. Seduction mainstream leftfie... more...

12inch Public Possession: PP059 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

12-08-2021 - thursday

02-07-2021 - friday

28-05-2021 - friday


Stiletti-ana Presents Stiletti City Rhyt

Intergalactic transmission. Haista II Studio Finland. Motor Scooter Piaggio Drums, Drums, Drums. Ecstasy!

12inch Public Possession: PP053 remind

06-05-2021 - thursday

09-04-2021 - friday

08-03-2021 - monday

Bell Towers

Junior Mix(d)

'Junior Mix' Bell Towers debut Album revisited a year after its initial release. Five friends, four new mixes, unlimited (e)motions.

12inch Public Possession: PP-CSN-04 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L