Label: Reduction - All

22-01-2015 - thursday

Population One - Reduction Five

Population One

Reduction Five

The deeper depths keep getting hit... The reduction series evolves... Prime minimalism from Terrence Dixon.

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20-03-2014 - thursday

Population One - Systematically Changing Variable

Population One

Systematically Changing Variable

Population One serving it up cold and reduced... another totally heavy offering from Terrence Dixon, on his own imprint.

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06-11-2013 - wednesday

Population One - Random Variables

Population One

Random Variables

Terrence Dixon turns it up even higher. Chiming, melodic and magnificent abstractions from the depths.

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05-09-2013 - thursday

Population One - Reducible Expressions

Population One

Reducible Expressions

Obscure techno outings of the highest order on Terrence Dixon's own label. This stuff is the real deal.

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16-07-2013 - tuesday

Population One - A Simpler Form

Population One

A Simpler Form

... Hold tight.... new Population One material, on Mr Terrence Dixon's own label. Seriously classy, abstract techno, excursions that sound-clips canno... more...

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