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19-12-2019 - thursday

John Swing - Unreleased House Dubs Vol 3

John Swing

Unreleased House Dubs Vol 3

Limited run for this 3rd volume of John Swings Unreleased house dubs. Hand stamped label and cover.

12inch Relative: RTV022 € 14,99

21-06-2018 - thursday

John Swing - Unreleased House Dubs Vol 2

John Swing

Unreleased House Dubs Vol 2

Relative 021 is the second part of Unreleased House Dubs series and features 4 unreleased house tracks by John Swing. A solid 4 tracker bringing back... more...

12inch Relative: RTV021 remind

28-02-2018 - wednesday

Vinalog - Progressive



EMG and John Swing are back as Vinalog with three surefire dancefloor tracks drawing inspiration from the European progressive movement of the late 90... more...

12inch Relative: RTV019 € 12,49

15-06-2017 - thursday

John Swing / EMG - Relative 020

John Swing / EMG

Relative 020

20th release in the Relative family. A split EP by founders John Swing and EMG with 4 heavy duty house floorkillers in typical Relative style.

12inch Relative: RTV020 remind

03-12-2016 - saturday

Vinalog - Flashbacks



Vinalog’s new EP on Relative delivers raging club music with 4 cuts balancing the UK and Berlin sound with a masterful touch. The two mixes of “Flashb... more...

12inch Relative: RTV018 remind

26-10-2016 - wednesday

John Swing - Unreleased House Dubs Vol 1

John Swing

Unreleased House Dubs Vol 1

Relative 017 features 4 unreleased house tracks by John Swing. A solid 4 tracker bringing back the classic swing touch that's been influential to the... more...

12inch Relative: RTV017 remind

15-04-2016 - friday

02-03-2016 - wednesday

15-10-2015 - thursday

07-07-2015 - tuesday

John Swing / EMG - Relative 001.1

John Swing / EMG

Relative 001.1

Special reissue of Relative 001 including a bonus track by John Swing, taking the place of 'Space Jam' which appeared on the first pressing in 2010

12inch Relative: RTV001.1 remind

12-02-2015 - thursday

John Swing - Dutty Grooves

John Swing

Dutty Grooves

Bad-ass release again by John Swing... sample/disco-based dirty oldschool house bangers!

12inch Relative: RTV014 remind

12-12-2014 - friday

Appointment - Appointment Returns


Appointment Returns

The wondrous odd Appointment quartet (John Swing, Marieu, EMG and Lucretio) returns with 4 tracks of sleazy urban funk cut directly from outdated ferr... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment011 € 4,99

21-10-2014 - tuesday

John Swing / EMG - Relative 013
12inch Relative: RTV013 remind

27-08-2014 - wednesday

07-04-2014 - monday

John Swing - Dusty Dancing

John Swing

Dusty Dancing

Raw cut-up & looped style disco infused house tracks.

12inch Relative: RTV012 remind

06-03-2014 - thursday

Appointment - Appointment Anniversary


Appointment Anniversary

The Appointment program was launched by Marieu, EMG, John Swing and Lucretio in the early 2010. They started to record coarse functional hardware comp... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment010 € 9,99

14-11-2013 - thursday

16-09-2013 - monday

Appointment - It's time to decide.


It's time to decide.

Three cuts of ballistically designed cutting edge dance music. One fast gritty experimental electro cut. The Appointment program has been deepening it... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment009 € 4,99

31-05-2013 - friday

Appointment - Appointment Live Act


Appointment Live Act

Appointment008 is an extract of the seminal rehearsals of the Appointment Live Act recorded on ferromagnetic tape. Each side lasts a dozen of minutes... more...

12inch Relative: Appointment008 € 4,99

02-04-2013 - tuesday

Vinalog - Frames



New Relative! and its a big one... 4 tracks full of tension, slowly building up with nice macho grooves. Tip!

12inch Relative: RTV010 remind

10-12-2012 - monday

EMG - Points Of View


Points Of View

'Points of View' from EMG explores in Relative 009 old and new aspects of electronic music. Past Present and Free interpretation meet together through... more...

12inch Relative: RTV009 remind

Vinalog - Lost Patterns


Lost Patterns

Raw techno/house tracks based on unpolished machine rhythms by Vinalog.

12inch Relative: RTV008 remind

John Swing - Relative 007

John Swing

Relative 007

Relative is back with another kiler release that will occupy some space in the record bag of many dj's! High quality house tracks with a classy groove... more...

12inch Relative: RTV007 remind

Vinalog - Disco 12''


Disco 12''

Vinalog with a deep haunting technotrack on the Relative label. Spooky atmosphere combined with steady 909 percussion. The flip side has a stripped ve... more...

12inch Relative: RTV006 € 8,99

John Swing - The Live Experience

John Swing

The Live Experience

Relative number 5!!. The first full ep release by John Swing with three solid tracks that are pretty versatile form mood and atmosphere. From jacking... more...

12inch Relative: RTV005 remind

Vinalog - Relative 4


Relative 4

The Livejam posse continue to deliver raw and funky house tracks! Small runs and no repressings combined with hot tracks... explosive combination!

12inch Relative: RTV004 remind

John Swing / EMG - Play Records

John Swing / EMG

Play Records

The Relative - LiveJam posse is on a roll Another phat raw house 12 with 3 timeless tracks made to rock the club!

12inch Relative: RTV003 remind

Vinalog - Relative 2


Relative 2

Livejam sublabel with 4 fierce driving rhythm tracks over old schoolish samples. Darker 90's detroit house tracks recorded Live and released only on v... more...

12inch Relative: RTV002 remind

Various Artists - Relative 1

Various Artists

Relative 1

Obscure hand numbered 400 copies limited vinyl only release. Very raw live recorded house and techno tracks here, great stuff for fans of Omar-S and t... more...

12inch Relative: RTV001 remind