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15-11-2018 - thursday

Kowton & Parris - Deep Concentration

Kowton & Parris

Deep Concentration

In accordance with relativity, they are in some sense interchangeable, but we do know that they form co-equal parts of a larger 'thing' called space-t... more...

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04-07-2018 - wednesday

General Ludd - RAD-LUDD2

General Ludd


Gen Ludd are Glasgow-based Rich McMaster (Golden Teacher, Modern Institute) and Tom Marshallsay, both of whom are a big part of the extended Rubadub f... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-LUDD2 remind

15-11-2017 - wednesday

Dima Disk - Fetty

Dima Disk


Rubadub first heard their music via the Palace x Bronze skate video a year or so ago, they did a bit of digging and it turned out to be by a duo calle... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-DIMA1 € 10,99

15-06-2017 - thursday

Fake Left - Borders Night Train

Fake Left

Borders Night Train

Rubadub with 2 new deep acidic House cuts from Fake Left.

12inch Rubadub: RADTRUMPET1 remind

26-10-2016 - wednesday

Naum Gabo - Sleep C'mon

Naum Gabo

Sleep C'mon

Naum Gabo are Jonnie Wilkes and James Savage. This is their first release on RAD although they have strong ties with the RAD family for some 20 years... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-NG1 € 10,99

30-06-2016 - thursday

08-10-2015 - thursday

11-03-2015 - wednesday

Sparky - Tapes
12inch Rubadub: RAD-SPRK1 remind

15-11-2013 - friday

Frak - Sailor EP


Sailor EP

Now might not be the best point in time to be referencing Rolf Harris, but.... can you guess what it is yet? It ain't gonna be hard for those in the k... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-FRK1 remind

29-03-2013 - friday

Anthony Naples - RAD-AN1

Anthony Naples


We kick off the first in a irregular series of Rubadub twelves with a three track twelve from the New York dwelling Anthony Naples (Mr Saturday Night,... more...

12inch Rubadub: RAD-AN1 remind