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Denis Karimani - Realtime Island / Ndru Remix

Denis Karimani

Realtime Island / Ndru Remix

Driving deep techno tracks from this underrated artist! Warm techno tracks in the style of Ame, Sydenham and the likes.

12inch Smallville: Smallville002 remind
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Laps - Fog Off


Fog Off

Nice subbass driven tech-house tracks. Great forward thinking music with smooth light melodies and a minimal-ish structure and a solid drive to get th... more...

12inch Smallville: smallville003 remind
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DJ Swap - The Walk

DJ Swap

The Walk

Simple deeptech grooves, deepkickin basslines plus superb soundwise hooklines makes this three little tracks glimmering perls of real minimal technomu... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville004 remind
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Jacek Sienkiewicz - Living In Oblivion

Jacek Sienkiewicz

Living In Oblivion

Smallville welcomes Jacek Sienkiewicz with a deeply tripping 12inch to become a mindsweeping diamond on the true aftterhour dancefloors in berlin, ibi... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville005 remind
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Sten - Squares



Have you ever experienced the empty spaces of Ghost City Detroit? They inspired Sten aka Lawrence to this hypnotic 12inch- three versions of ''Squares... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville007 remind
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Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Honey

Move D & Benjamin Brunn


After building up a unique state of the art sound since ages- including records on labels such as Bine, Source, Modern Love, Uzuri, Warp and many othe... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville008 remind

Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Songs From The Beehive

Move D & Benjamin Brunn

Songs From The Beehive

Ambientish clusters, warmest grooves, and a mentally deep sound melt together and open a gate to another world of deepness. Besides a wide range of re... more...

LP Smallville: SmallLP001 € 24,99

Sven Tasnadi - Waiting

Sven Tasnadi


Deeply growing and then catching the dancefloor, the a-side is simply a hit covered by Tasnadi's fluffy beats to rise a mindsweeping melody. Organic B... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville009 remind
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Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search  - Configuration

Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search


These two guys from the Netherlands are not a secret weapon any more: Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search from Rotterdam. Sending greetings to Robert Hood wi... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville011 remind

Move D & Benjaminn Brunn - New Horizon

Move D & Benjaminn Brunn

New Horizon

Deeeep melodic techno tracks with layers of warm strings and delays on the fine Smallville label.

12inch Smallville: Smallville010 remind

STL - Silent State


Silent State

STL know for his great records on the Something label with a three track ep with warm dusty house tracks as we are used to hear from him. Actally thes... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville012 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Steinhoff & Hammouda With Dionne  - Touch (Jus-Ed Remix)

Steinhoff & Hammouda With Dionne

Touch (Jus-Ed Remix)

Jus Ed created a lovely floating version of that tune-can you feel it! For the flip there is a nice house tune by these german producers on the nice S... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville013 remind

Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search, Lowtec - Our live with the wave

Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search, Lowtec

Our live with the wave

Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search pumps straight forward with an elegant detroit string thrill, based on Mike Huckaby's legendary Waldorf Wave Sample Libra... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville014 remind

Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Lawrence - In The Beginning, Don´t Forget

Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Lawrence

In The Beginning, Don´t Forget

The dream team of contemporary soundscaping, Move D and Benjamin Brunn, come up with a slightly moving earwig, tracky and reduced to give the danceflo... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville015 remind

Stl, Julius Steinhoff - Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret..

Stl, Julius Steinhoff

Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret..

On the A-Side, STL brings back the magical moment to the dancefloor- contemporary sounddesign meets funkyness at its best. Smallville owner Julius Ste... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville017 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bon & Rau - Cloverleaf Days

Bon & Rau

Cloverleaf Days

Deeper techno track on Smallville by two new talents. Excellent dj tool!

12inch Smallville: Smallville018 remind

Quince & Benny Rodrigues  - Novum (2017 Repress)

Quince & Benny Rodrigues

Novum (2017 Repress)

Quince and Benny Rodrigues evolve an outstanding synthesis of a classic Detroit Techno Vibe and newest sound technology. With a bass blowing beast tur... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville019 € 9,99

Melchior & Pronsato - Puerto Rican Girls

Melchior & Pronsato

Puerto Rican Girls

Thomas Melchior always sets new standards regarding minimal house music and Pronsato, the scientist who discoveres the unheard and the unbelievable. B... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville020 remind

Smallpeople & Rau - Meadows ep

Smallpeople & Rau

Meadows ep

the Smallpeople aka Julius Steinhoff and Dionne are back with a real smasher. This time they catched up Christopher Rau who will be releasing his debu... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville021 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Christopher Rau  - Asper Clouds

Christopher Rau

Asper Clouds

Debut full length full of deep introvert house tracks. more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp03 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lawrence - Sorry Sun


Sorry Sun

Warm smooth house tracks by Hamburg's Lawrence. Sorry Sun, here comes the Night.

12inch Smallville: Smallville022 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Dionne - Back On The Planet


Back On The Planet

Smallpeople member Dionne aka Just von Ahlefeld debuts on his co-owned Smallville Label! Entering the Smalville Record Shop in Hamburg City on a rainy... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville023 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Twentyfour Ways

Various Artists

Twentyfour Ways

Nice compilation quality various artists that goes in the direction of the Uncanny Valley releases and of course earlier Smallville releases. Benjamin... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville024 remind

Moomin - Sweet Sweet


Sweet Sweet

After his releases for White and Aim, Sebastian Genz aka Moomin drops a teaser for his forthcoming album. Sweet Sweet introduces the tenderness of Moo... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville026 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Smallpeople  - Black Ice


Black Ice

Lovely deep house tracks with old schoolish metalic basslines and good vibes. It is time for the season of real deepness again. Smallpeople come along... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville027 remind

Moomin - Sleep Tight


Sleep Tight

Moomin is back with another adventure into charming house music. Like a fountain of sweetness the works of Smallville's wunderkind are spreading all o... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville028 remind

Bon & Rau - Morning Funk

Bon & Rau

Morning Funk

Great tracks by the Bon and Rau duo!! Uptempo house tracks with a nice groove and beautiful layers of strings. That b-side track is a total winner!! R... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville029 € 8,99

Smallpeople - Salty Days


Salty Days

Just von Ahlefeld and Julius Steinhoff aka Smallpeople with a double pack full of forward thinking deeper house experiments. from functional to crazy... more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp05 remind

Juniper / Arnaldo - We Met In Manchester

Juniper / Arnaldo

We Met In Manchester

Manchester's ''The Meandyou'' residents Juniper and Arnaldo are delivering four house tracks from outta space, that fit perfectly into the smallville... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville030 remind

Stl - Flying Saucer Attack


Flying Saucer Attack

STL is back on Smallville with a full EP. Three outstanding tracks that got everything we love about him!

12inch Smallville: Smallville032 remind

Julius Steinhoff - So Glad

Julius Steinhoff

So Glad

Being founder of Hamburg's finest record store and label, smashing world's deepest parties with guests such as Omar S, Jus-Ed, Mike Huckaby, XDB, Stev... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville033 remind

Christopher Rau - Two

Christopher Rau


Songs full of sweetness, a glimpse of soul here, a detroit electro influence there, broken beats, breaks that are no breaks, sexyness and funk and fun... more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp06 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Lawrence - In a Rush


In a Rush

Clean, calm techno by Lawrence who seeks inspiration in simplicity and pure tracks. Classy tracks on the reliabe Smallville label.Especially that b-si... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville034 remind

Various Artists - Thirtyfive Ways

Various Artists

Thirtyfive Ways

According the label promo text this is some ''Wonderful, lovely, gorgeous, sweet, fantastic, grand, howling, marvelous, happy, rattling, terrific, tre... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville035 remind

Steven Tang - Disconnect To Connect

Steven Tang

Disconnect To Connect

Excellent versatile album by Chicago's Steve Tang who delivers a nice mixture of deep and melancholic tracks loaded with nice layers of strings to mor... more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp07 remind

RVDS - Moon On Milky Way


Moon On Milky Way

Som of the sweetest analogue House Music, dedicated to the moon.

12inch Smallville: Smallville036 remind

STL - At Disconnected Moments


At Disconnected Moments

New album from STL on Smallville Records, bringing a deep excursion into dubbed out science of sound. more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp08 remind

Julius Steinhoff - Flocking Behaviour

Julius Steinhoff

Flocking Behaviour

Half of the dynamic duo Smallpeople, founder and one of the steersmen behind Hamburg’s Smallville empire (record store/ label/ party curator around th... more...

2LP Smallville: Smallvillelp09 remind

Smallpeople - Lowrider Anarchy
12inch Smallville: Smallville040 remind

Lawrence - Manhattan



Two years after his “In A Rush” EP, Lawrence is back on Smallville with another release dedicated to the island of lunacy and love: Manhattan! Approve... more...

12inch Smallville: Smallville041 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Benjamin Brunn - Live At Golden Pudel Club, 40 Min Playtime

Benjamin Brunn

Live At Golden Pudel Club, 40 Min Playtime

Back in 2012, Benjamin Brunn played a heartbreaking ambient liveset at the almighty Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg. His Set was recorded and released as a... more...

12inch Smallville: Pudelville01 remind

Westbam & Nena - Oldschool Baby Versions

Westbam & Nena

Oldschool Baby Versions

To shorten a night-time tale into it's evidence: Fuck Reality is finally here. The Piano Mix- still to be heard on undefinably diverse dancefloor ar... more...

12inch Smallville: FR01 remind

STL - Simply Positive


Simply Positive

Nice analog grooving tracks with the usual STL trademarks.

12inch Smallville: Smallville043 € 9,99

Moomin - Fuck Reality 02


Fuck Reality 02

Fresh three-tracker, certainly Moomin-style. Well-tested and approved on the road within his live- and DJ-sets around the world, now ready for the wor... more...

12inch Smallville: FR02 € 10,99