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05-06-2019 - wednesday

Massimo Pupillo / Stefano Pilia


The result of a long period of study and retirement in a house in the Bologna countryside in the first 3 months of 2018, KENOSIS renews the meeting be... more...

12inch Soave: GRA04 € 9,99

27-05-2019 - monday

Daniel Bacalov

1984/5 Il Ladro Di Anime - Diario Segreto Contraffatto

Daniel Bacalov, composer of music for theater, cinema, and dance, studied classical guitar and percussion. He composed the music of numerous theatrica... more...

2LP Soave: SV17/18 € 22,99

Riccardo Sinigaglia

Ambient Music

Futuro Antico, the mesmerizing collaboration of Riccardo Sinigaglia with Walter Maioli and Gabin Dabirè evoked in its name the uncanniness of simultan... more...

LP Soave: SV22 € 16,99

Sandro Mussida


EEEOOOSSS is the encounter between three instruments, each one tuned according to a different tuning system. This meeting was conceived and designed o... more...

LP Soave: GRA05 € 12,49

29-05-2018 - tuesday

Bebo Baldan

Vapor Frames 86/91

The alchemist Bebo Baldan, accompanied by Steve James on violin and sarod (as well as on instruments of various geographical extractions) mixes, in a... more...

LP Soave: SV15 € 16,99

Riccardo Sinigaglia / Maurizio Abate

Dialoghi Nel Vuoto

When No Pussyfooting was released in 1973 by two great pioneers like Eno and Fripp, that first whisper of their artistic association surprised many cr... more...

LP Soave: SV16 € 16,99

24-05-2018 - thursday

Roberto Musci

The Loa Of Music (The Complete Sessions)

''The Loa of Music'' is the debut recording project of Milanese composer and musician Roberto Musci inspired by Voodoo Religion; Vever (the magical vo... more...

2LP Soave: SV03/04 € 22,99

Giusto Pio

Motore Immobile

Soave present the first vinyl reissue of Giusto Pio's Motore Immobile, originally released in 1979. One of the most striking documents of Italy's mini... more...

LP Soave: SV01 remind

Squadra Omega

Materia Oscura

Materia Oscura (Dark matter) offers a glimpse at the same time the soil of the ''rock'' matter as well as the alien, seen from multiple points of view... more...

LP Soave: GRA03 € 9,99

Electronic Modular Orchestra

Electronic Modular Orchestra

Curiosity is the element that allowed the birth of this project. Gabriele Bombardini, Nicola Peruch, Matteo Scaioli and Max Vicinelli are musicians wh... more...

2LP Soave: SV13/14 € 18,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Tiziano Popoli / Marco Dalpane


Long coveted and hunted by collectors, Scorie falls among the strange and definition resistant artifacts of Italy’s remarkable avant-garde music scene... more...

LP + CD Soave: SV10 € 16,99

Roberto Musci / Giovanni Venosta

Urban And Tribal Portraits

Urban and Tribal Portraits reaffirms the idea of postmodern pastiche as a multimedia multisensory experience and sound as an ecosystem that is both al... more...

LP Soave: SV11 € 16,99

Pier Luigi Andreoni and Francesco Paladino


Wriggling away from any clear classification, as 80s Italian new music was wont to do, yet clearly drawing on a number of traditions and procedures, A... more...

LP Soave: SV12 € 16,99

18-12-2017 - monday

Wolf Vostell

Dé-coll/age Musik

Soave present the first vinyl reissue of Wolf Vostell's debut Dé-coll/age Musik, originally released in 1982. A seminal figure in the history of 20th... more...

LP Soave: SV02 € 14,99

Heroin In Tahiti


In Roman mythology, the murder of Remus by his brother Romulus is the key event that led to the founding of the city of Rome. But what if Remus overca... more...

LP Soave: GRA01 € 13,99

Arturo Stalteri

...E Il Pavone Parlò Alla Luna

Recorded in 1980 but pressed for the 1st time in a privately issued in1987 Arturo Stàlteri’s …E Il Pavone Parlo’ Alla Luna (“..and the peacock spoke t... more...

LP Soave: SV06 remind

Giovanni Venosta

Olympic Signals

Giovanni Venosta‘s first album released in 1984 at the age of 23 is a committed subversive parody of minimalism which makes this record an unique and... more...

LP Soave: SV07 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Roberto Mazza

Scoprire Le Orme

Mysterious, charming, and wavering, Scoprire Le Orme (Discover The Footsteps) represents a unique musical experience; a kind of Minimal Folk with far... more...

LP Soave: SV08 € 16,99


Il Cavaliere Azzurro

One of the many characteristics of Italian avant-garde theatre, from the seventies through the eighties, was the overlap of acting with the physicalit... more...

LP Soave: SV09 € 16,99

Riccardo Sinigaglia


Riccardo Sinigaglia, with Gabin Dabiré and Walter Maioli, made up one third of Futuro Antico - one of the most important collaborations to emerge from... more...

LP Soave: SV05 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Golden Cup


Golden Cup's new LP is a concept album about the times to come. How will be our life in a future that is constantly accelerating its time, deleting th... more...

LP Soave: GRA02 remind