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06-09-2023 - wednesday

Marco Calderoni

How To Use The World Volume 1&2

Early 90's Italian house album compiled from two releases, composed and played by Marco Calderoni with help on production and writing by Giacomo Brune... more...

Mini-LP Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors17 € 20,99


Jam The Frequency / Jet Black At Birth

Early 90's UK Balearic infused deep semi-Acid House EP with two tracks from the mysterious CATT Records label. Remastered for full dancefloor effect.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SMI005 € 18,99

31-07-2023 - monday

Jail Break

Feeling Wild / Mentality

UK house EP with Balearic vibe from London's mysterious Catt records, originally released in 1989, brought back to dance floors in full remastered spl... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SMI004 remind

22-06-2023 - thursday


Dream Baby / Free Recipe

Authentic Berlin dancefloor pioneers Saba Komossa and Gaby Delgado's Anti Time project re-issued in original format and faithfully remastered. more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors16 remind

Nux Nemo

I Feel It

Peak time, big room club bomb from 1992, early Techno with Trancey sounds from Belgium. Remastered featuring 2 remixes from Juan Ramos and Trent.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SMI003 remind

01-06-2023 - thursday



Previously unreleased early 90's italian breaky tribal techno produced by Sergio Fazio. Remastered and embellished with a remix by Trent.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors15 € 18,99

Various Artists

Gonzo Goa - Party Music 87’- 94’

Sound Metaphors and Transmigration explore the early underground Goa party scene with a 2x12' compilation. A collection of Techno, Italian-House, N... more...

2x12inch Sound Metaphors: SMI002 remind

26-04-2023 - wednesday

High Lonesome Sound System

We're Go

Rave/breakbeat sample based sounds from the US's west coast scene, produced by Kandel and Chasteen in 1991.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors14 remind


Throw Down / Time To Move

Two top US electro boogie/funk anthems from Carmen. Originally released sepparately in '84 and '86, now released together in one EP, remastered.

12inch Sound Metaphors: Missyou024 € 18,99

22-03-2023 - wednesday


Futur Ultra

Joint effort between DAF's Gabi Delgado and Saba Komossa, original Berlin acid/house music from 1990. Powerfully tasteful and unique sounds from a gol... more...

LP Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors13 € 26,99

13-03-2023 - monday

High Lonesome Sound System

Waiting For The Lights

US West coast rave scene classic from '92, EP with 4 mixes of breaky rave bliss coming out of the Exist Dance catalogue, remastered.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors12 € 18,99

10-02-2023 - friday

Sick Hardcore

Digital Justice EP

Early Italian Techno music originally released in 1991. EP with 4 heavy proto rave tracks plus one additional unreleased secret remix from the artist.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors09 remind

19-12-2022 - monday

Crystal Distortion

Stormcore 2

4 track EP by Spiral Tribe founding member Crystal Distortion aka Simon Carter, all tracks produced at 180bpm, exemplary Tekno production from '96, re... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-6 € 21,99

16-12-2022 - friday



Trancey breaky dancefloor bomb by UK's Morgan King and Nick Hook originally released in 1992. Featuring two new remixes by Juan Ramos and Trent. more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors11 € 18,99

11-11-2022 - friday

Tom Chasteen

Selected Productions

A selection of 3 tracks from Tom Chasteen's solo work throughout 3 different EP's with the eclectic west coast Exist Dance label in the late 90s.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors10 € 17,49


3 (Spiral Tribe)

The last step in the Spiral Tribe trilogy from the R-Zac output (aka a collaboration between Sebastian Vaughan and Simon Carter) featuring three track... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-5 € 17,99

26-09-2022 - monday

Paradise 3001

Selected works from between 1992 and 1995

2xLP retrospective compilation of Aad De Mooy's work in the first half of the 90's, a very unique flavor of early trance/acid techno productions, rema... more...

2x12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors08 remind


2 (Spiral Tribe)

piral Tribe founding members Sebastian Vaughn and Simon Carter empty their pockets yet again in the second step of this R-ZAC trilogy from the pioneer... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-3 € 16,99

25-07-2022 - monday

Unit Moebius

Untitled 2

When hearing this material today and realizing it was originally released in '96, one can't fail to acknowledge the timelessness of these sounds – cle... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-4 € 16,99

The Factory


Italian early Trance/House project from '93 brought back to life on Sound Metaphors Records, remastered and with full cover artwork.

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors07 € 18,99

28-06-2022 - tuesday


Older Brother from the Rock

Tribal dubby breakbeat project originally released in 1991 by Manchester born drummer Morgan King, brought back 30 years later with a remastered relea... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors06 € 17,49

05-06-2022 - sunday

Unit Moebius


A generous collection of tracks, beautifully representative of the Spiral Tribe world. Coming on strong with “Summertime” a brute force exercise in sy... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-2 € 16,99


1 (Spiral Tribe)

ump starting a new sublabel non-profit project from Sound Metaphors dedicated to re-issuing Network 23/Spiral Tribe material from the 90's free party... more...

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors23-1 € 16,99

24-07-2018 - tuesday

12inch Sound Metaphors: SoundMetaphors05 remind

09-02-2018 - friday